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On the Road Again

This week I will be attending a regional conference in Charlotte, NC. I will be driving down tomorrow. I am hoping that I have some free time to visit Mary Jo's in Gastonia. I need to Google or Bing for fabric stores in Charlotte also. I miss Hancock's and maybe one in the area. At least the one we did have in Roanoke had great button selection. Plus they carry KS patterns.

I am definitely on a quest for buttons for my BWOF jacket. Of course, if any fabric jumps into my cart, I will just have to live with it.

I can tell my sewing mojo is slowing down, not stopped just cruising at lower rate. I think part of it is stress at work and sewing, unfortunately is not the therapy that is working now. I am enjoying viewing what others are up to; viewing other blogs is and can be a good sewing mojo booster.

pocket closeup

The pockets are pleated at the top edge and then edge is turned under and topstitched. Of course, this was done before you attach to jacket.
pocket closeup
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl I basted the side and bottom edges of the pockets that I turned under. Then I pinned them on the jacket. There is a pocket flap that requires a buttonhole and button.

I need to search for the right buttons for this jacket. So I am coming to a halt until I can find what is going to work.

Front with back in mirror

I took this shot so you could see the front and get a glimpse of the back view in the mirror. (Note to self--clean mirror.)
Front with back in mirror
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl

Front with pockets pinned

Front with pockets pinned
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl Here is jacket in progress. Pockets are pinned to the front and are to be topstitched to jacket.

Sewing and Blogging--Not Much

I haven't posted much this week, just have not felt like blogging or sewing. Work has been busy and sometimes in carries over into my personal life.

I did sew on the BWOF jacket, it is almost complete. I am rather pleased with the outcome, though I have decided I should have perhaps trimmed down the neckline, or reduced the width of the collar stand and collar. Yet when I look at the model wearing the jacket the collar seems large and somewhat floppy as it looks on mine. I will finish it today except for the buttons/buttonholes. I just don't like what I have in my stash for the jacket. I also think the jacket is more casual looking than I first thought and just may not work with the recently completed skirt.

Yet I need some new casual clothes and this will work nicely I think. I will try to take photos today, as pictures are worth a thousand words. Later.

Work, Work, Work

Nothing much to report sewing wise. I have just not had energy after work this week to do much of anything in the sewing room. So BWOF jacket is waiting for attention. I hope to provide some this weekend.

Learn something new

I began working again on the BWOF jacket this AM. I made considerable progress. As I posted before, I am following their "sewing course" that was included in this issue of the magazine and was written for sewing this particular jacket. As many who sew patterns from BWOF, they mention often the confusing instructions. I ran into some confusion attaching the collar band and collar to the jacket neckline and thus I got bogged down with trying to understand what I was being directed to do.
Part of the confusion in the end was not that I misunderstood what was written but the mechanics of what they were instructing the reader to do. Their method of attaching the collar/collar band to the the jacket was a completely different method from any I have used. Normally I would have attached the collar to the collar band and then attach this unit to the jacket. I would then would stitch the front and back facings together. Then I would attach the facings to the jacket. Then trim and press…

Feet for Sewing Machine.

Yesterday in catching up on reading some blogs, I came across this post by Dawn at "Two On, Two Off." She pointed readers to "You Tube" videos about sewing feet. I have acquired over the years, various sewing feet. Some proved to be great investments, some I tried and did not get good results or just did not live up to my expectation; and yes, I have acquired some that have yet to use.

One of my frequently used sewing foot is a topstitching foot that is used for left side topstitching. It has a red etched marking on the left side of the foot. You line up that mark with a seam or edge to the left of your sewing foot and this helps you keep your topstitching aligned.

Here is a shot of the foot; I used it to topstitch the center back seam on the BWOF jacket.

Saturday afternoon sewing

I made pretty good progress on the jacket for Saturday afternoon. This is a shot of the jacket on my dress form-AlmaMarie. This particular pattern was part of the sewing project detailed in the Feb. 09 BWOF. I decided I would follow along and try their method for sewing. The overarm/shoulder seams were basted in this photo. I wanted to make sure that I did not need to take a deeper seam before adding the collar and front facings.

The first step in sewing this jacket is to sew the darts at the front armscye; then the center back seam. They then have you press the back seam and then topstitch. I basted the side seams and shoulders before topstitching to be sure I did not need to take a deeper back seam. All was well and I then topstitched.

Here is a close up of the topstitching.

Friday night sewing

After grocery shopping and pizza with DH, I spent time in my sewing room. I made sure that the serger was set correct to serge finish the fabric for the BWOF jacket. Once I did that I pinned up the hem in the wool skirt and the lining and then pressed the hems. I stitched the lining hem using the sewing machine.

Sometimes I use the blind hem on my sewing machine but I really like my hand stitched hems better; that is the only area that I seem to have perfected my hand stitching. I just need to add a hook and eye at the waist and we are good to go.

So this AM, I am drinking my coffee, posting to my blog and reading some others before I go to Curves. I then plan to spend time sewing the jacket. I don't see any difficulties in making this.

I think after the jacket is complete I am going to spend time on tops-knit and woven.

Savvy Metallic

Savvy Metallic

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Since I just made a metallic linen blouse, I thought I would share this post that I just read.

BWOF Jacket and Faux suede fabric

Just an idea of how the jacket will look.

Wool crepe skirt

This is close up shot of the back pleats of the wool crepe skirt.

Here is a shot of me trying it on for final adjustments. I still have not yet hemmed the skirt. I am concerned about how this is hanging on my left side, your right when looking at the photo. I kept having to pull it down, not sure if I have something caught up in lining and making it pull or not. Have not had time to look at further.

McCall's patterns

This is the McCall's knit dress pattern I just purchased. After seeing Sharon's two dresses, I knew I had to give this one a try as well.

This pattern came in the mail this week.

Another Simplicity Patterns : Misses Tops

Sewing Patterns : Simplicity Patterns : Misses Tops

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After seeing Audrey's blouse, I had to get this pattern. I have had good luck with Project Runway patterns.

Sewing Patterns : Simplicity Patterns : Misses Tops

This is one of the Simplicity patterns I purchased this week. I just went to their site and they have this new feature of sending/sharing through various means. I selected Blogger and here it is. Nice feature. I need to see if I can add more than one to a blog post.

Sewing Patterns : Simplicity Patterns : Misses Tops

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Skirt progress-Burda jacket

After attaching the lining, I had a Eureka! moment and decided to "unstitch" the lining from the skirt and stitch the facing to the lining. I then used my newly learned technique of attaching the facing/lining to the waist of the skirt. You can see the silk lining fabric on the right; came in a bundle from Fabric Mart months ago.
I really love this skirt pattern. I made View B this time as I thought the wool crepe would pleat well and it did. I still need to hem the skirt and add hook and eye at the side opening. I will do that while watching a movie with DH this evening. I will edge stitch the pleats so they will remain sharp. I had to take deeper seams with this version of the skirt. I think it was because it is a different fabric than the first version. I took deeper front seams as it just looked too full in that area; I also took deeper side back seams as well. I have gotten to where I try on skirts more than once during the sewing process.
I also took time to pin fit th…

Vacation sewing update

I have been sewing but not continuously. As I mentioned earlier, DH had a dental emergency and all is well now. Extensive and expensive dental work. That certainly was not in my sewing plans for the week. I also have had some sort of stomach virus. That can put a damper on activities as well.

Thursday evening was our ASG meeting and it was fun to visit with other sewist who share this passion. Some members presented a program on "Draping for Fit". It was informative. I think I am going to stick with buying and adjusting patterns.

I have just about completed my wool crepe skirt. The lining is attached; the pattern does not call for a lining but I used the pattern pieces to make one as it is wool crepe and I think it needs to be lined. For me, anything wool needs to be lined. I just need to sew the facings to the skirt and hem it.

I plan to work on two jackets next. One is the BWOF Feb. 09 jacket. I have the pattern pieces traced but have not pin fitted yet. I also plan to ma…

V8419 Back

V8419 Back
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl This is the back view. I still need to add a hook and eye to help close the back neckline.

Close up of V8419

Close up of V8419
Originally uploaded by Danvillegirl I completed the blouse this afternoon. The bias binding looks more blue in this photo but is grey in the sewing room.

Giveaway: Simplicity Bias Tape Maker - Threads

Monday sewing update

Blouse is progressing along. I ran into some fitting opportunities. I had high hopes of finishing the blouse yesterday. Making fitting adjustments and then DH having a dental emergency took taking me away from sewing for a period of time.

Fitting opportunities included:

Taking a deeper shoulder seam.
Adjusting darts in back by taking a deeper dart-I have a narrow back.
Making the vertical front darts deeper.
Taking a deeper side seam from under arm to waist.
Trimming the sleeve cap by 1/4 inch to allow for deeper shoulder seam.
I also had to redo one side of the invisible zipper as the center back pieces did not line up correctly after inserting the other side of the zipper. In the past I may have let this go, now I find it unacceptable.
My plans this AM are to finish the blouse, provided DH's dental situation does not require some of my time.

Update on Holiday/vacation sewing

I cut out the Vogue blouse pattern. I had thought about sewing it up but decided I wanted to spend time cutting out patterns, so I cut out the McCall's skirt pattern. This skirt does not call for lining but because I am using wool crepe I wanted to line it.

I pulled out some silk panel pieces that I got from Fabric Mart as a bundle. I had enough to cut most of the lining from the panel. I used another solid color that matched the green fabric and the green in the silk panel for the lining of the two side back skirt pieces.

I then traced the Burda jacket pattern. Whew! that was a task. I still need to pin fit the pattern. I am unsure about the size I used so I traced the largest and the next smaller size so I can test fit both sizes. The larger size, Burda 44, was listed as a 14 for USA patterns. I hope this is the case. That was a lot of tracing for it not to work. If it is a match to size 14 I will have to do a FBA but that will be okay.

Once I fit the Burda pattern, I …


Most all Fridays I do my grocery shopping after work. That gives me a great Saturday to play. After grocery shopping, DH and I normally eat and then either crash and watch TV; or I play on the computer and sometimes I go into the sewing room.

Last night I had a lot of energy after shopping and eating, so I spent time going through the bin in my sewing room that holds my fabrics for upcoming projects. My fabric collection is kept in another room as we live in a older home with small rooms, lots of them but small nonetheless.

So putting away those fabrics that did not get sewn during the summer, I began to pull out my fall/winter fabrics. This in deed helped me move closer to a sewing plan for the week. Earlier Friday morning, prior to work, I washed and dried my metallic linen fabric. So that is still on my sewing plan starting this weekend. I am still leaning toward a Vogue blouse pattern for it.

I have another interesting fabric that is faux suede in a pale sage green color that …


Tomorrow is my last working day and then I am off for holiday and vacation!!!!!!

I do plan to do some sewing during the time off but gosh darn if I can decide what I want to sew. I am thinking dress, or skirt, no a jacket, no a blouse. I have a beautiful piece of metallic linen fabric that originally was going to be a jacket; now though I know it will not be sturdy enough to be a jacket it is more blouse weight. But what blouse?

I want to make another McCall's skirt with an interesting back flounce(s) or pleats. Can't decide on the fabric.

I know that once the work week ends and I can actually just walk into my sewing room and handle fabric and patterns, the inspiration will come. So I anticipate the moment when I can do just that.


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