Skirt progress-Burda jacket

After attaching the lining, I had a Eureka! moment and decided to "unstitch" the lining from the skirt and stitch the facing to the lining. I then used my newly learned technique of attaching the facing/lining to the waist of the skirt. You can see the silk lining fabric on the right; came in a bundle from Fabric Mart months ago.

I really love this skirt pattern. I made View B this time as I thought the wool crepe would pleat well and it did. I still need to hem the skirt and add hook and eye at the side opening. I will do that while watching a movie with DH this evening. I will edge stitch the pleats so they will remain sharp. I had to take deeper seams with this version of the skirt. I think it was because it is a different fabric than the first version. I took deeper front seams as it just looked too full in that area; I also took deeper side back seams as well. I have gotten to where I try on skirts more than once during the sewing process.

I also took time to pin fit the BWOF jacket pattern for the jacket bodice. I only need to make a small FBA, my usual forward shoulder adjustment and only a slight sway back adjustment. I need to pin fit the sleeves as they look kind of full and may need to adjust for that and of course for the length.

Here is a shot of the faux suede fabric I plan to use; it goes well with the skirt.
And finally let me say thank you to all who expressed kind thoughts about my DH's dental emergency and my stomach virus. Thankfully the stomach virus was a 24 hour thing. DH is continuing to improve from his dental work and was able to return to work yesterday and worked today as well. I actually did some work at home as well. I just know what will be facing me next week and thought I should get a jump on some of it.
More later.


  1. I imnagine that being able to sew for a while is a good stess-reliever, in lieu of your busy hours at work. Glad to hear you and your DH are on the mend.

  2. I have some gray ultrasuede that I bought last year. I haven't made it up yet, but am interested to see how yours turns out. You are really getting a lot done during your sewing vacation!


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