Update on Holiday/vacation sewing

I cut out the Vogue blouse pattern. I had thought about sewing it up but decided I wanted to spend time cutting out patterns, so I cut out the McCall's skirt pattern. This skirt does not call for lining but because I am using wool crepe I wanted to line it.

I pulled out some silk panel pieces that I got from Fabric Mart as a bundle. I had enough to cut most of the lining from the panel. I used another solid color that matched the green fabric and the green in the silk panel for the lining of the two side back skirt pieces.

I then traced the Burda jacket pattern. Whew! that was a task. I still need to pin fit the pattern. I am unsure about the size I used so I traced the largest and the next smaller size so I can test fit both sizes. The larger size, Burda 44, was listed as a 14 for USA patterns. I hope this is the case. That was a lot of tracing for it not to work. If it is a match to size 14 I will have to do a FBA but that will be okay.

Once I fit the Burda pattern, I will cut out the sage green faux suede fabric. I then will start the actual sewing and plan to sew the Vogue blouse pattern first.


  1. I imagine you enjoyed having a day to cut and plan. Sometimes, our lives get so busy, there's no time left to do those things we love to do.

  2. I'm not a big fan of cutting out or tracing - I like to get to the sewing part! So well done on getting ahead with these projects.

  3. Envy your sewing vacation and look forward to your Vacation FOs.

  4. It sounds like you had a really productive sewing weekend! I hope you will get a lot done this week. can't wait to see the results of all your work! The fabrics you describe just sound beautiful.

  5. Wow! It's interesting that you took a day to trace, cut and pinfit. That would kill my sewing buzz so I do each pattern as I come to it. I am sure that you will have something completed soon because you have all of your pattern issues worked out now.


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