Most all Fridays I do my grocery shopping after work. That gives me a great Saturday to play. After grocery shopping, DH and I normally eat and then either crash and watch TV; or I play on the computer and sometimes I go into the sewing room.

Last night I had a lot of energy after shopping and eating, so I spent time going through the bin in my sewing room that holds my fabrics for upcoming projects. My fabric collection is kept in another room as we live in a older home with small rooms, lots of them but small nonetheless.

So putting away those fabrics that did not get sewn during the summer, I began to pull out my fall/winter fabrics. This in deed helped me move closer to a sewing plan for the week. Earlier Friday morning, prior to work, I washed and dried my metallic linen fabric. So that is still on my sewing plan starting this weekend. I am still leaning toward a Vogue blouse pattern for it.

I have another interesting fabric that is faux suede in a pale sage green color that is has been waiting to become a Burda jacket; one from the February issue of BWOF. I have wool crepe from Fabric. com that I acquired last year called Cement. It has a pale green cast to it and goes well with the jacket fabric. I plan to make up a skirt from the McCall's pattern.

Other plans include some knit tops like this one from Vogue/Sandra Betzina. I have a stunning knit fabric I purchased in Charlottesville when Elaray and her friend were in the area. I am going to test the pattern first using another similar knit type before cutting into this gorgeous piece.

Sew----that's it for now, things to do, patterns to cut and fit, fabric to cut and sew. Later.


  1. While organizing my own fabric stash, I solidified some sewing plans of my own for the long weekend, as well as for further into the Autumn. I also usually do my grocery shopping and errands Thursday or Friday evenings, so I can have my Saturday free for sewing (or whatever). The fabrics and patterns you mentioned just sound beautiful. I am excited to see the sewing you do this week!


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