Feet for Sewing Machine.

Yesterday in catching up on reading some blogs, I came across this post by Dawn at "Two On, Two Off." She pointed readers to "You Tube" videos about sewing feet. I have acquired over the years, various sewing feet. Some proved to be great investments, some I tried and did not get good results or just did not live up to my expectation; and yes, I have acquired some that have yet to use.

One of my frequently used sewing foot is a topstitching foot that is used for left side topstitching. It has a red etched marking on the left side of the foot. You line up that mark with a seam or edge to the left of your sewing foot and this helps you keep your topstitching aligned.

Here is a shot of the foot; I used it to topstitch the center back seam on the BWOF jacket.


  1. I have a total foot fetish! Love feet. I have most every attachment that Bernina manufacturers. There are some I use repeatedly, and some I've not mastered. Yet.

  2. I love feet too! I really like this foot you talked about. It is so helpful for great topstitching.


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