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Dress progress and CURVES

I have been going to CURVES for almost two years now. I have lost some weight, yet not a lot. I have realized though that I have definitely lost some inches and have gone to a smaller size in most pants and shorts. I haven't really put a lot of emphasis on losing weight; the focus has been to lower my cholesterol to avoid having to go on medication and really to tone up. I have been successful with both goals....still have a ways to go.

With the loss of inches from waist, tummy and bottom I am slowly realizing that I can go down a size with most patterns for this area as well. Completing a very easy and simple dress pattern has driven this realization home today. I had to fit and refit this dress this evening through these areas.

The dress will be finished tomorrow or else!!!!! I had to take up the back area considerably. I have always been narrower in the back area than the front. I have gotten narrower from shoulder blades down to back hip area. I still have those hip fluffs in t…

Another invisible zipper technique

Els commented on my previous post and in searching through some bookmarks, I found her tutorial on how she inserts an invisible zipper. Dawn commented that she does the same thing.

Invisible zipper

I can't seem to get the time to sew as I would like. I did insert the invisible zipper last night. I wanted to show you an easier way of completing the seam below the zipper. By using this method, I no longer have the little bulge or a not so nice seam after zipper stop.

Here is a photo of the zipper inserted and here.

Normally after you have sewn in the invisible zipper, you then move the zipper ends out of your way and begin to stitch the remaining seam. I always find this a bulky operation and can get a bulge at the seam beginning right after the zipper.

I now turn the seam around and stitch from the opposite end of the seam up to the end of the zipper seam. Less bulk and you line it up better. I have not yet sewn this with this dress but have used it for several months now. I wanted to show you photos of this step. This may be of help to someone. You may already know this or you may even have a better method. If you do please share with all of us.

My contest fabric!

I forgot that I had not posted that the fabric from Burda/News came this week. I still find it neat that I won something. I am not sure what type fabric this is. I believe it is a cotton fabric, rather thin. It was in a Mood Fabric bag. It is not a piece of fabric that I would probably purchase myself. I was also surprised how design is on this fabric. I took some pictures and did a collage view so you could see where the flower design ends and then there is a lot of white from design end to selvage. I am not sure what I will make from this. I will make something though. I am thinking some sort of top.

Well on its way

I made great progress this evening on my dress. I had to buy thread to match this green fabric. All the green threads I had were way off from this shade. DH wanted to go to several places today so while out I went to JoAnn's and purchased the thread. I needed a longer zipper as well so purchased a white one but really wanted a green invisible zipper.
I was going to post a slide view of my dress progress, but I am not real pleased with the way the embedding process works for slide show using Picasa 2. So I am going to just post photos. You can go to Flickr as well to see them.
One thing I wish I had done differently was to cut out the longer view of the dress. Usually when I cut the shorter version of patterns when I do not make petite adjustments, the length is a little long. Not with this dress! The length it is now is the length I want. I think I will add seam binding or cut a hem facing and use 1/4 seam allowance to attach then turn up 3/8 to hem.
So far the sewing has gone smoot…

Dress is cut out!

My intentions were good all week to work a little on my green/white dress. I have only been able to start on those good intentions tonight. DH is on the mend and decided to visit an old friend and his brother so he left this morning with intentions to be home around 8:00 PM. This gave me a great opportunity to spend some quality time in my sewing room.

I completed all the ususal pattern adjustments. I then laid out the pattern on the fabric and was able to get it all cut out before DH got home.

I am truly greatful that he is improving daily and hopefully should return to work perhaps middle of next week or the following. His being home has cut into some of my free time at home. Free time is uninterupted sewing time. So this 2 1/2 hours this evening was sheer bliss. I actually came home at lunch time and that was a nice quiet pleasure also.

Patterns for Sale!

Patterns for sale. Take a look, if interested let me know.

Next up-Simplicity 3744

I started the pattern adjusting for Simplicity 3744. I am so tickled that this dress comes in B, C, and D cups. NO FBA! Adjustments needed are the forward shoulder, swayback and adjusting the underarm for the sleeveless view.

This is the Black White pattern that got a lot of attention on Simplicity website causing the pattern to be sold out quickly. I will do a b/w version. But this one is going to be green/white. Many people have noted that this pattern has a 60's feel. The fabric I am using is a polyester that I believe may have been from that era. Even if not, I think it will be perfect.

The fabric was sent to me by my sewing buddy, Carolyn-Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. I remember her post on this fabric and I made a comment to the effect that I loved it. She asked how much yardage I wanted and within the next week I had three yards! Well it has aged enough in my stash now to become this dress.

Carolyn, when you read this, I hope you will recognize the fabric!Here are photos of the p…

Eyelet skirt complete

The skirt is finally complete. There were so many stops and starts with this one. I am glad it is completed and hopefully will wear later this week. I have to decide what top to wear with it. I have three in mind. This is good so I can change the look of the skirt with each top.

I can tell you I am ready to move on to the next project.
Hem using seam binding.

Close up with silk underlining.

Completed skirt.

Tip for hemming full skirts

Click on the title of this posting and it will take you to Pins and Needles Blog. Then scroll down to April 4 to read and see a nice tutorial by Summerset (don't you love her name) on hemming full skirts. She used this on her Easter Dress.

As I commented on her blog at that time I used bias binding on neckline and armscye but had not thought about using it for hems on fulls skirts. I used it on the hem of my eyelet skirt. I will share more information on skirt with photos to be posted later today.

Skirt progress

This evening after dinner I took time to go into the sewing room to work on the skirt. I attached the elastic to the skirt and then turned and stitched down the elastic by stitching in the ditch of each top panel piece.

The hem is to be 5/8 inch. I am going to use Summerset's technique of stitching bias binding to the hem and then turning that up to stitch the hem.

Then I need to decide what is my next project. I have three dresses in mind to make, all being a woven fabric. I also want to try the New Look faux wrap dress pattern that I keep seeing others reviewing on PR. There are about 20+ reviews for this pattern and most contain very helpful information for sewing up this pattern.

Fabric Contest

Rosemary aka fabric fan wanted to know what fabrics matched up with what patterns. The Burda answers were A-5, B-7,C-3, D-1. My answer was A-5,B-6, C-3, D-1. My choice of fabric was for the skirt, the dress or the top. The skirt fabric was no longer available, so the dress fabric is what I won.

That's all I know at this time.


Tomorrow-Wednesday, my surprise will be revealed. I am truly tickled that I won this contest. And to think I almost did not respond.

What did I win, you ask? Fabric! I am told tomorrow I will be featured on the site's newsletter.

So tomorrow when you get a moment, go here----Burda/News.

I hardly ever win anything, so to respond to a pattern/fabric contest and to be told you won, well I am just truly tickled pink. Given my situation last week this is just a nice little gift and shows me that life is always an adventure or as Forrest Gump said, Life is just like a box of chocolate, you never know what you are going to get.


My KS pattern is 3108 not 3180. Thanks Lisa for pointing this out to me. I have not had any time to work on the skirt. Soon I hope.

Update on eyelet skirt

Well I made a slight fitting adjustment to the skirt, yesterday, by taking up 1/8 inch in all the pieces in the hip area. Once that was done, I serged the seam edges by using an overcast stitch on my serger and disengaged the cutting blade; with 1/4 inch seam I just did not want to take a chance on messing up all that earlier work and cutting something I did not intend to do. The overcast stitch left a nice satiny looking seam finish.

I only need to attach the elastic and hem it. Viola, a completed skirt. I am already planning my next projects.

Back to sewing

My husband continues to improve and there is a sense of normalcy coming back again. I was back at work in full swing. I had hoped to get a little sewing in tonight but cooking dinner took precedence and then I decided to read some emails.

I got a pleasant surprise from one email. I am going to wait before I share it with you though. Call me superstitious if you will. I admit I am to some degree. I will tell you this it has to do with fabric and sewing. So given the way things were last week, this was a nice surprise and a great way to start my week.

Chocolate eyelet skirt

I spent time yesterday working on my KS 3180 skirt pattern. This is really a simple pattern, just lots of pieces to sew together. Couple this with an eyelet fabric that needs to be lined, you go from very easy to time consuming. But I think it will be worth it in the end.

I glue basted the lining pieces to the fabric, off and on last week when I needed to take my mind off of my DH. I completed this task around midnight Friday. I tried both Beacons fabric glue and Aleene's. I found that Beacons held the fabric pieces together much, much better than the Aleene's. The ones I used the Aleene's on, did not stay glued in numerous places. When reading instructions for their product it says apply two coats, which I did not do. Perhaps that was important information but also says to me-way too time consuming. The Beacon dried quickly and was less messy.

Dawn, The Sewing Pocket blogger, suggested the temporary spray basting that I use with embroidery. I did not think about that until …

He's back!

I am happy to say my DH is home! They allowed him to come home yesterday afternoon. He will be out of work for about two weeks, maybe more. He is doing well and we are beginning to have a sense of normalcy again.

I researched more information about the "coumadin" medication that he will be on for probably rest of his life. There are many herbal and nutritional supplements he should no longer take. Ironically some of those items he was taking was to prevent heart attacks and stroke; i.e, to improve the blood.

He was most encouraging to me to go and "play" as he calls in my sewing room. Perhaps I was hovering too much. So I did.

I really appreciate again all the thoughts and comments from my Internet sewing friends. When you are feeling blue it helps to hear from others.

TGIF, what a week!

Well I am happy to report that my husband was moved to a private room yesterday. They have his legs in support stockings and he is allowed to walk around a little. He still has tenderness in the right leg and no swelling from the filter inserted at the top of the right leg area. They continue to give him blood thinner shots and he is also taking a pill as well. He will be on blood thinner medication from here on out. He was in much improved spirits.

I have to say that hospitals are not like what I remember from my childhood stays. I have not had any major hospital stays since I was 7. A long, long, long time ago. I remember that jello was the best part of the meal they served.

My husband was provided with a restaurant style menu and the room service phone number to order his meals for the day. You can even have a guest dinner ordered for $3.00 for the quest. So I had dinner with him last night and I admit it was a decent meal. I wanted more seasoning on my potatoes, but just having a di…

Thank you! And update

Thank you all for your comments, offers of prayer and positive thoughts.

Things have improved with DH, today was his best day. They have put him on blood thinners to stop the formation of new clots. This morning they did a procedure on him where they inserted a filter. It was inserted from the left groin area and passed over to the right side where the filter opens like an umbrella. It is designed to catch and stop clots from traveling up to his lungs. They also did a CAT scan of the lungs this afternoon to check status of clots that were there and to get an idea of damage.

I was at the hospital when he came out of the morning procedure and he looked good. They did not put him to sleep for this but numbed area of insertion. I could tell he was very anxious from all of this and he was given a pain and anxiety pill. I then went to work, first time this week. That helped give me some sense of normalcy. I went back to hospital early evening and he was sitting up in bed, had shaved and wash…

Life can throw you a curve!

As many of you know I was on vacation last week and my week started off well. I made a dress; I made a muslin of a HP pattern that didn't quite work but then that was the purpose of the muslin; and I started on my eyelet skirt.

My DH and I went shopping in Richmond, VA; I got a software update for my embroidery program and had lunch with two ASG friends; and had dinner with family all of this taking place between Memorial Day and this past Thursday.

On Friday, my husband felt ill and stayed home from work complaining of exhaustion, feeling tired and his right leg hurting. Saturday my computer went wonky and I took it to Circuit City's Fire Dog service and learned that it needed a new power supply which is basically what turns the computer on and makes all the components work together through "power". Got the computer back within the same day which was a plus. Sunday was get ready to go back to work day and I grilled chicken kabobs. Husband was complaining of leg …

Eyelet Skirt

I have begun the process of making the chocolate eyelet skirt. You can see a lovely outfit made from this same fabric at Carolyn's "Diary of a Sewing Fanatic". Actually you can see that her sewing vacation was highly productive. She is a fast sewist. I thought I was at one time, but seems like I have slowed down. Carolyn is also smart to use TNT patterns and varies the looks by fabric choices, added touches, etc. Me, I keep trying another pattern that I have purchased, but yet to perfect. So I have all the added tissue fitting, pattern adjustments etc. to get through before ever sewing.

Back to my skirt. I am using a skirt pattern I have made before-KS 3180. I am however making View A. I made View C or D before with much success so I hope this one works out that way. I had to cut "ten" panels of eyelet and "ten" panels of the silk. I am going to underline each eyelet piece. Carolyn and I exchanged emails about this;since she had experien…


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