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I made great progress this evening on my dress. I had to buy thread to match this green fabric. All the green threads I had were way off from this shade. DH wanted to go to several places today so while out I went to JoAnn's and purchased the thread. I needed a longer zipper as well so purchased a white one but really wanted a green invisible zipper.

I was going to post a slide view of my dress progress, but I am not real pleased with the way the embedding process works for slide show using Picasa 2. So I am going to just post photos. You can go to Flickr as well to see them.

One thing I wish I had done differently was to cut out the longer view of the dress. Usually when I cut the shorter version of patterns when I do not make petite adjustments, the length is a little long. Not with this dress! The length it is now is the length I want. I think I will add seam binding or cut a hem facing and use 1/4 seam allowance to attach then turn up 3/8 to hem.

So far the sewing has gone smooth, even attaching the inseam pockets. This was a new technique for me but I am pleased with the results. I thought about lining the dress but decided I am lazy. I may rethink this tomorrow.

The last photo is a close up of the fabric. I cut the center front and the center back pieces with stripes/dots on the horizontal. The side front and side backs stripes/dots are running vertically. I did not want to try to match up those horizontal stripes when cutting out the side pieces.


  1. It is so kewl to watch your dress come together. Pretty soon there are going to be a slew of these dresses out there and each one different due to the creator's intrepretation! So are you going to wear mod white 70's jewelry with the dress?

  2. I like the way you did the horizontal and vertical dots. It gives is an interest. I found my lilac zipper at Salem W-mart. I couldn't find a zipper to match my fabric anywhere else. Sad.


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