Dress is cut out!

My intentions were good all week to work a little on my green/white dress. I have only been able to start on those good intentions tonight. DH is on the mend and decided to visit an old friend and his brother so he left this morning with intentions to be home around 8:00 PM. This gave me a great opportunity to spend some quality time in my sewing room.

I completed all the ususal pattern adjustments. I then laid out the pattern on the fabric and was able to get it all cut out before DH got home.

I am truly greatful that he is improving daily and hopefully should return to work perhaps middle of next week or the following. His being home has cut into some of my free time at home. Free time is uninterupted sewing time. So this 2 1/2 hours this evening was sheer bliss. I actually came home at lunch time and that was a nice quiet pleasure also.


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