Dress progress and CURVES

I have been going to CURVES for almost two years now. I have lost some weight, yet not a lot. I have realized though that I have definitely lost some inches and have gone to a smaller size in most pants and shorts. I haven't really put a lot of emphasis on losing weight; the focus has been to lower my cholesterol to avoid having to go on medication and really to tone up. I have been successful with both goals....still have a ways to go.

With the loss of inches from waist, tummy and bottom I am slowly realizing that I can go down a size with most patterns for this area as well. Completing a very easy and simple dress pattern has driven this realization home today. I had to fit and refit this dress this evening through these areas.

The dress will be finished tomorrow or else!!!!! I had to take up the back area considerably. I have always been narrower in the back area than the front. I have gotten narrower from shoulder blades down to back hip area. I still have those hip fluffs in the back but not as much as before. I also took deeper side seams from underarm to waist and then from hip to bottom. I normally try on the garment several times during fitting and then baste adjustments. I then try on again and sometimes I have to re-baste taking deeper seams. I find it can be difficult trying to fit the back area looking at a handheld mirror and trying to stand straight. I sometimes use my dress form-Alma Marie-but with changes in my size, I need to readjust her.

I ended up removing the front in-seam pockets. I don't like the pocket pattern for this dress. It kept pulling the front area and just caused the front seams to looked pulled. Thus that took considerable time removing stitches then resewing the seam closed. I also took a deeper shoulder seam from midpoint of shoulder seam toward arm.

I can say that after all these changes, the dress fits well. All that is left to do, is sew bias strip to arm holes and then pin seam binding to hem and stitch the hem.



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