He's back!

I am happy to say my DH is home! They allowed him to come home yesterday afternoon. He will be out of work for about two weeks, maybe more. He is doing well and we are beginning to have a sense of normalcy again.

I researched more information about the "coumadin" medication that he will be on for probably rest of his life. There are many herbal and nutritional supplements he should no longer take. Ironically some of those items he was taking was to prevent heart attacks and stroke; i.e, to improve the blood.

He was most encouraging to me to go and "play" as he calls in my sewing room. Perhaps I was hovering too much. So I did.

I really appreciate again all the thoughts and comments from my Internet sewing friends. When you are feeling blue it helps to hear from others.


  1. Linda, I am so glad your husband was able to come home. He will feel much more comfortable and get more rest at home. You did the wise thing by checking drug interactions as not doing so can be dangerous. As for being on medication for the rest of his life, try thinking about it as no big deal; the same as if he had to take allergy medication.
    By the way, I am a Snapdragon

  2. Those are wonderful news, Linda! I'm so glad for you!

  3. Linda,
    Just read this post... I'm so glad he's home again with you.
    And don't worry about the Coumidin. My Dad's been on that for over two decades (he had a *bad* heart arrythmia attack back in his mid-forties), and taking it hasn't altered his lifestyle.
    Good catch, checking DH's other supplements. They probably want you to not take anything that would increase the effect of the medication. Since he's on a blood thinner you wouldn't want him to take an herb that also helped to thin blood.


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