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Sewing Related

I forgot to post last night that the other sewing related projects is "fabric buying". I just got this fabu fabric from Textile Studios. It is really gorgeous.

Around our area the signs of spring are so dominant. The flowers and trees are in full bloom. The predominant colors I am seeing are lavendar and green, so this fabric said spring to me even though it is a little dark looking with the black background.

This morning I have been catching up on blog reading and have been pointed to fabric sites once again. So many design dreams and such limited time!

Hancock's Closing

I visited our local Hancocks this past week and took advantage of some of their reduction in prices on some notions-needles, zippers, bias binding. While I was there they were reducing more of the fabric prices as well as patterns. I took advantage of their 60% off on Vogue patterns. They are not honoring the coupon that was in the flyer I received a week or two ago. Not sure why not, could not get a clear or satisfactory answer but I wasn't trying to be argumenative, just curious.

I also got a few Kwik Sew patterns at 50% off. I can not remember ever buying KS patterns at a discount, their prices are pretty reasonable anyway.

I hate to see the shop close. I did not buy a lot of fabric from them but was a good customer for many other things there. Particularly buttons and zippers.

Have you missed me?

I can't believe I have not posted here since last week. I have been busy and have gotten home later most evenings this past week. I have been doing some sewing or involved in some sewing related activities.

I am continuing to work on my Simplicity skirt and top. The skirt is complete except for the hemming. The pattern calls for the skirt to be machine stitched. With the design of the fabric, a stitching line going around the bottom of the skirt would take away from the flow of the design. So I will be either blind stitching it on sewing machine or by hand.

I worked on the top some more tonight. The front pieces with the tucked fronts are complete, the shoulder seams have been sewn, and the front facing has been stitched on as well. I have pinned the side front pieces to the front and will sew them tomorrow. That leaves the sleeves then the side seams. The pattern calls for attaching sleeves in the round, but with knits I prefer to stich flat.

When this pattern is complete,…

Sewing today-3/24/07

Well I finally got the skirt pattern cut out today. My DH even expressed interest in the style and said once I make it and perfect the fit I should make about three more of this style. Will see about that.

Meanwhile I decided to start sewing on the Simplicity pattern-skirt and top. I threaded my serger and edge finished the skirt pieces. Truly the skirt could be sewn completely on the serger except for the elastic waist; but I am not sure of the fit of the pattern and decided to just edge finish the seams and sew the seams on my sewing machine. Once this skirt pattern is perfected, future knit skirts using this pattern I will probably just serge it all.

I had a busy day today. I decided to grill our dinner tonight on our new gas grill. I love to grill and have always used charcoal. I decided to purchase a gas grill and cooking is a little different but yet the same. I fixed porterhouse steaks, bake potatoes (cooked in microwave and oven), toss salad and tea. Even grilled Texas Garlic Br…

1945 Skirt Pattern

Well, I need to make a minor adjustment to the Eva Dress 1945 Skirt pattern. Again it is the sizing thing between various patterns. I decided to cut the middle size at the hip area and based on pin fitting pattern on me and Alma Marie, I should have gone with the larger size through the hip area. Not a big fitting issue.

I have read through the instructions. Does not seem complicated. I hope to cut out the fabric perhaps tomorrow night.

Metro Textiles Pass

Here it is-my Metro Textiles Pass! I got my fabrics on Friday! I was truly pleased with my purchases. I did not take photos today of them. You can see the green/yellow/dark red fabric at Sew Distracted. Mardel bought fabrics from Kashi and hers was the inspiration for my purchasing the same. I also purchased the chocolate brown eyelet fabric also. This can be seen at Diary of a Sewing Fanatic. I have been searching for a dress pattern that I can use to make the eyelet. I have even given thought to making a skirt from it also and have been searching for the perfect one as well.

My Sewing Day-3/18/07

My sewing day has been very productive. I wish I could say that I began sewing as soon as I cut out things but that didn't happen.

I cut out the top and skirt (Simplicity 4074). Here is the fabric I used for my skirt and top. This is from EOS.It is a buttermilk knit.

I also embroidered as planned the back neckline of my T-shirt using my new Magna Hoops. They work pretty good. I am still concerned about the ability to hold the fabric steady using this system, but to do away with the sticky paper that gums up needles is worth the try from me.

I also continued my efforts to log my patterns and some fabrics on Stitch n Stash software. I am able to do this while I also cook dinner. My office is next to the kitchen. I like multi-tasking. However, sometimes I forget about items cooking!!!

I just realized I have not shown the fabric that I am using for the shell pattern. This is navyish shantung fabric, perhaps silk but I think not. Dark colors are hard to photograph, so used the pattern piec…


I have cut out a shell pattern using some fabric in my stash that I got for free from an ASG member over a year ago. It is navy shantung type fabric.

I then made fitting adjustments to a Simplicity pattern. I am going to make the skirt and top in the right hand corner of the small views of the various looks. I am using buttermilk knit fabric acquired from EOS prior to Christmas. The usual adjustments I normally make were made and I plan to cut out the fabric tomorrow.

I am thinking that I will move forward and cut out some other patterns tomorrow. While I am doing that I can finish embroidering a t-shirt I started some time back and posted a photo on this blog. I just don't think that it looks quite finished yet. Besides it will give an opportunity to work with my new Magna Hoops.

I want to move forward with the vintage pattern for the 1945 skirt. I have leftover fabric from my sheath style dress I made last year that was a knock off of a Talbot's dress and jacket. This f…

Sewing and the ASG

This month I was responsible for a program for our local ASG group. I also was this month's felting group leader. This is a group of ASG members with an interest in felting mainly in using one of the felting machines currently on the market or using hand felting needles with foam or brush.

For our ASG monthly meeting program, I shared with the group the Stitch n Flip lining method taught by Shannon Gifford. I showcased a few of my jackets where I used this technique to line the jackets. I drafted a minature jacket pattern using PMB and cut out fabric and lining from leftover materials from my recently made jacket. I did not use this technique on that jacket. I then had another member Cindi of Cindi'sSewing blog, assist me by sewing up the jacket and lining pieces to show how the method works.

This past week I was the group leader for the Roanoke Felting Divas program. We have a yahoo group where we share information. Since we meet every two months, I had the members wor…

Continuing to Fall off the Wagon

As I noted recently I fell off the fabric moratorium wagon when I purchased some knits from two different sources. Well I continue to fall!

I read Carolyn's (Diary of a Sewing Fanatic) and Mardel's (Sew Distracted) blogs over the weekend and was green with envy at their fabric purchases from Metro Textiles. I wish I had been into this blogging thing earlier and of course Carolyn and Mardel would have needed to have been into at the same time, cause I lived in the Lehigh Valley area of PA and would and could have found a way to go shopping with them in NYC. I only went once while living there for 2.5 years. What was wrong with me???

Anywho, I digress. After seeing their fabric purchases and loving Carolyn's chocolate brown eyelet fabric as well as Mardel's yellow/olive green/red background with green embroidery fabric and with both of them being so kind to post their metro pass. What's an envious girl to do but write down the phone number and email for Metro Textiles.

Fitting shell pattern, part 2

I didn't finish my thoughts/comments on the SA pattern for a shell yesterday.

As noted in previous post I perhaps need to do more with flat pattern measuring; I know several other bloggers who have commented on using this method for pattern fitting. I know others do muslins. I don't disagree with either method; both work, it is ones personal preference. I guess I feel that sewing a muslin requires me to sew something twice. My thought process regarding this is I have limited sewing time and prefer to sew something to wear, not to test. Having said or written that, I know that the muslin truly helps perfect the fit and if the original garment doesn't fit, well! one has to adjust it if possible; or wad it up and toss; or sew another one. Thus I can be my own worst enemy.

Now with PMB-Pattern Master Boutique-I have all of the right measurements in the software program and printing out a pattern in the likeness of the purchased one can and does serve as a muslin. At least for me…

Shirley Adams Shell Pattern

I have been working on fitting the SA Shell pattern. It has been a bear to do. I think part of the issue for me is that I normally use a multi size pattern from one of the big 4 and start with 14 in shoulder area and go to 16 in the bust/waist and hips. To me that translates as medium to large. Depending on the style I have actually used 18 in the bust. Thus I started with medium in shoulder area and increased to large in the bust to hip area.

I then did a FBA which was necessary and did my other usual swayback and FSA adjustments. The pattern fits the bust/shoulders. The waist and hip are huge. My point I am trying to make is that fitting the independent patterns can be tricky as I don't believe they use the same fitting as the Big 4. Flat measuring is probably helpful here. I need to do more of that.

I will post more later about the continuing fitting of the pattern. Family business is calling!

Fabrics arrived!

Thursday the knit fabric from Gorgeous arrived. Too my surprise, the knit fabric was something I already have in my stash! I got the same piece from BestOnLine Fabrics on ebay. No wonder I liked it. One can never have too much knit fabric.

Obviously I need to get more of fabric stash posted on my software program. I am doing well with posting patterns in stash.

I also received fabric from Deepika owner of She has surplus fabric and this piece works with an idea I have to make pants like ones I saw at Macy's. The fabric is top quality and she purchased it from EOS (need I say more). It is a RPL.

I have yet to receive knits from Fabric and Notions coop. EFQ is on vacation so I am sure I will be receiving something later this month.

Got to run, off to CURVES. Not sure that I am going to get much sewing in this weekedn :-(. Have family business to take care of.


Buying Fabrics

You have to go to this site and read these rules about how to buy fabric! Makes sense to me.

Fabric Moratorium

I admit I am a fabricholic. I had not purchased fabric since December. I made it through January and February.

I purchased 4 yards of knit fabric from Fabric and Notions co-op headed up by Ressy- Evil Fabric Queen. I purchased two floral knits, each 2 yds each. Then yesterday I continued to fall off the fabric moratorium wagon and acquired 2 yds from Gorgeous Things, owned and operated by Ann S-of Gorgeous Things blog and one of the divas at the Sewing Divas' blog. Here is my fabric purchase of two yards, it is the golden earthtones "Monet" knit. Yes another knit! I can not find good knits locally and I love to make and wear knit tops for work and play.

Sewing for today

I feel like I didn't do much today in the way of actual sewing. I did clean up the sewing room, puts some threads away and threw out some clutter.

I then traced the basic shell from Basic Shell 500 pattern. I then machine basted the swedish tracing paper and determined I needed to make several adjustments. I made a FBA using Shirley Adams' instructions. Not sure that I like the technique or not; perhaps because it is different and the outcome resulted in an increase but I don't think it is enough. Additional tweaks are FSA and swayback. I am not satisfied yet. I decided to move away from this and will work on it more later.

I have selected my fabric. It is navy blue, not sure of the fiber content. I think a rayon. I obtained it from one of our local ASG members who brought some fabric to a meeting for people to take. Thus this may become a muslin or a wearable shell.

As I noted in my review of my recent jacket (NL6619), I am moving on to sewing for spring. I think a simple sl…

Shirley Adams and Roanoke ASG

I did not write about our local ASG chapters special event on February 28. We hosted Shirley Adams for two sessions on Wednesday. Attendance was great with more in attendance for the afternoon session than the evening one. I am glad we had both. We had attendees from West VA, New River Valley area as well as Lynchburg. I attended the evening session.

Shirley presented her basic pattern for her shell/top and then showed the variations she has made with the basic top. Her fabrics truly make the tops look very elegant, otherwise it would be a plain top. She also showed some other embellishments making the top truly one of a kind. She then showed her classic set in sleeve jacket and the many variations there of. I have her basic jacket pattern 400 and several of the add on patterns to make this simple jacket into various styles. I did buy the basic shell pattern at the ASG event, along with some wool roving for my embellisher.

I wish I had some photos to post. I took some with my …

Jacket update

My jacket is complete. Yeah! I am satisfied with it and though the collar stands away from my neck, it looks good. It just is not what I thought it would do/be. Another blogger gave me a great tip on how to adjust this collar. I want to make this jacket again for spring and will try her technique for doing this.

Here is a link to a photo of the completed jacket. Please note, the photo shows the buttons pinned on. I just did not want to take any more photos of the jacket but you can get the idea of how they buttons looked when buttoned. I got these at Hancock's Fabrics. They were just the perfect shade of green with a nice gloss to them.

I may have mentioned this but all the fabric for the jacket and lining came from my stash. The shoulder pads also. The only purchase made to complete this was the buttons.

If interested you can read my review at Pattern Review. Click on My reviews in the sidebar.


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