Sewing for today

I feel like I didn't do much today in the way of actual sewing. I did clean up the sewing room, puts some threads away and threw out some clutter.

I then traced the basic shell from Basic Shell 500 pattern. I then machine basted the swedish tracing paper and determined I needed to make several adjustments. I made a FBA using Shirley Adams' instructions. Not sure that I like the technique or not; perhaps because it is different and the outcome resulted in an increase but I don't think it is enough. Additional tweaks are FSA and swayback. I am not satisfied yet. I decided to move away from this and will work on it more later.

I have selected my fabric. It is navy blue, not sure of the fiber content. I think a rayon. I obtained it from one of our local ASG members who brought some fabric to a meeting for people to take. Thus this may become a muslin or a wearable shell.

As I noted in my review of my recent jacket (NL6619), I am moving on to sewing for spring. I think a simple sleeveless shell will be perfect to start.


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