Sewing today-3/24/07

Well I finally got the skirt pattern cut out today. My DH even expressed interest in the style and said once I make it and perfect the fit I should make about three more of this style. Will see about that.

Meanwhile I decided to start sewing on the Simplicity pattern-skirt and top. I threaded my serger and edge finished the skirt pieces. Truly the skirt could be sewn completely on the serger except for the elastic waist; but I am not sure of the fit of the pattern and decided to just edge finish the seams and sew the seams on my sewing machine. Once this skirt pattern is perfected, future knit skirts using this pattern I will probably just serge it all.

I had a busy day today. I decided to grill our dinner tonight on our new gas grill. I love to grill and have always used charcoal. I decided to purchase a gas grill and cooking is a little different but yet the same. I fixed porterhouse steaks, bake potatoes (cooked in microwave and oven), toss salad and tea. Even grilled Texas Garlic Bread. Today was also major shopping day for groceries and such, and I made time to go to CURVES; so I am pleased that I accomplished what I did in my sewing room today.

Tomorrow morning I will start again.


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