Have you missed me?

I can't believe I have not posted here since last week. I have been busy and have gotten home later most evenings this past week. I have been doing some sewing or involved in some sewing related activities.

I am continuing to work on my Simplicity skirt and top. The skirt is complete except for the hemming. The pattern calls for the skirt to be machine stitched. With the design of the fabric, a stitching line going around the bottom of the skirt would take away from the flow of the design. So I will be either blind stitching it on sewing machine or by hand.

I worked on the top some more tonight. The front pieces with the tucked fronts are complete, the shoulder seams have been sewn, and the front facing has been stitched on as well. I have pinned the side front pieces to the front and will sew them tomorrow. That leaves the sleeves then the side seams. The pattern calls for attaching sleeves in the round, but with knits I prefer to stich flat.

When this pattern is complete, I will start on either the skirt or top pattern already cut out. It is nice to have some things waiting in the wings.


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