Fitting shell pattern, part 2

I didn't finish my thoughts/comments on the SA pattern for a shell yesterday.

As noted in previous post I perhaps need to do more with flat pattern measuring; I know several other bloggers who have commented on using this method for pattern fitting. I know others do muslins. I don't disagree with either method; both work, it is ones personal preference. I guess I feel that sewing a muslin requires me to sew something twice. My thought process regarding this is I have limited sewing time and prefer to sew something to wear, not to test. Having said or written that, I know that the muslin truly helps perfect the fit and if the original garment doesn't fit, well! one has to adjust it if possible; or wad it up and toss; or sew another one. Thus I can be my own worst enemy.

Now with PMB-Pattern Master Boutique-I have all of the right measurements in the software program and printing out a pattern in the likeness of the purchased one can and does serve as a muslin. At least for me it does, as I have perfected that fit by making a MUSLIN of that sloper when originally started using the program. Of course, one must adjust measurements based on changes in body weight/shape. Which I do.

Thus I used PMB and drafted a shell to my measurements. Interestingly once I overlaid the PMB pattern onto the SA pattern, I found the medium in the neck and shoulder was the right choice, the bust on SA pattern with my adjustment was off but close and the waist thru hips were as noted previously way to big for me! Thus medium all the way through was more appropriate choice of fit.

This also drives home something I already know and need to work on. Not only am I a fabricaholic but I am a patternaholic too!!!!! I am swayed by seeing others make up certain things using a specific pattern and then rush right out to buy when there is pattern sale and sometimes when there is no sale!
A lot of what I want from this pattern can be done in PMB. Sometimes it may require style adjustments but the pattern editor feature can do that also as well as doing it the old fashion way with pen and paper!

If I admit I have a problem, part of the 12 step program, then I can work on it. Eliminating the patternaholic issue will then provide me with additional income to continue to feed my fabricaholic problem.

I prefer to deal with one problem at a time.


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