Jacket update

My jacket is complete. Yeah! I am satisfied with it and though the collar stands away from my neck, it looks good. It just is not what I thought it would do/be. Another blogger gave me a great tip on how to adjust this collar. I want to make this jacket again for spring and will try her technique for doing this.

Here is a link to a photo of the completed jacket. Please note, the photo shows the buttons pinned on. I just did not want to take any more photos of the jacket but you can get the idea of how they buttons looked when buttoned. I got these at Hancock's Fabrics. They were just the perfect shade of green with a nice gloss to them.

I may have mentioned this but all the fabric for the jacket and lining came from my stash. The shoulder pads also. The only purchase made to complete this was the buttons.

If interested you can read my review at Pattern Review. Click on My reviews in the sidebar.


  1. I love it Linda. That sleeve length is so trendy right now.


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