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Happy New Year!

Wishing all of you

Serger woes and M7874

I had almost finished making M7874.

I really like this pattern.  All of the pieces go well together. I made FBA, swayback and forward shoulder adjustments, my usual.  I had made this all the way to adding the bottom band which becomes very thick as you have numerous layers of fabric at the bottom.  Instructions have you sew the band in double stitches and the trim the edge.  I feel like that is the made at home look when the garment is finished.  So I serge finished this.  Because of the thickness, I decided to topstitch the turned up seam to the bodice for it to lay correctly.  AND THEN I NOTICED SOMETHING NOT SO GOOD.
I had done something I have not done in a long long time!  I had caught some of the bodice in the serged edges, not the part you wanted to catch.  I was heartbroken about this.  I could have probably left it alone but not me.  So now there is a huge hole at the bottom.  The perfectionist side of me can't handle patching and really hard to patch as it is in a very n…

Merry Christmas


Bellavista 2 complete

I finally set up the tripod and took some photos of the second Bellavista pattern from Itch to Stitch.  After seeing myself in this solid color top, I feel fat.  I think the knit was a little thick for this top though it did match the stretch requirements.  I do like this pattern and the floral print one is a lighter weight knit and only wish I had had enough fabric for the cowl neck.

This top is fitted in the bust area and then flares from there. I did go down a size in the shoulder area from a 10 to 8 and then tapered out to a 10 for the rest of the top.  Having adjusted the back on the first version, I felt that the back fit well with this one with the adjustments I made to the pattern.
The top is a little wrinkled from sitting. I think I could carve out a little at the back arm seam, I have a narrow back.

Here is the back in the first version with adjustments.
Here are a few more views of this pattern.

I am wearing this top with black leggings.

I am going to be on the lookout for …

Recent pattern purchases

I have been destashing patterns for several months and selling many on eBay.  I found myself giving in to Club BMV or $1.99 Simplicity sale at Hobby Lobby.  Folks, I really don't need more patterns. 

My mother loved shoes; I love shoes.  When there was a sale and I was still living in Danville, we would go to the shoe sales; when I visited after moving away and there was a sale, we would go shopping.  My grandmother who grew up during the depression had about four pairs of shoes-beige, black, blue and white.  When we came back from shopping the sales, she would always ask why did you get more shoes, our response was "we didn't have these!"

Well, I didn't have these patterns and my pattern sales have been pretty good, so I am somewhat recycling my funds.

Without further ado, here are my recent purchases.

I also have a Kwik Sew pattern that I have not taken photos of.  I also ordered another pattern and it was not included with the KS one.  I sent an email to Butte…

Bellavista 2

Just wanted to post a quick look at my second Bellavista top by Itch to Stitch.  I was able to make the cowl neck version with this one.  The cowl is a double layer of fabric which makes for a nicely enclosed hem and does make the cowl drape well.

Different knit fabrics will create a different cowl drape from what I have seen from other reviews. Here is a close up of mine.

The fabric is from Gorgeous Fabrics and I purchased this in 2016.  It is a double knit.

I made a few adjustments with this after making my first one and posted about it here.

I plan to take some shots of me wearing this tomorrow since we will be stuck in again this weekend because of rain and more rain!  I am thankful it is not snow!

As I have noted previously I am an affiliate of Itch to Stitch and if you click on the link in the left column and purchase a pattern(s) I will receive a commission.  Any opinions I give regarding ItS patterns are my own. 

More details later!

Bellavista by Itch to Stitch

I finally made this pattern!  I have had it printed for some time and finally taped all the pieces together.  I am normally a "Team Trace" for pdf patterns because I like to pin fit patterns and copy paper does not work well for this fitting technique.  I decided I would go with the finished measurements for size 10 and 12. 

That worked pretty well, however, I think I probably could go with an 8 in shoulder/upper chest area.  ended up shaving off 3/8 inch from shoulder width and I think I could shave off another 1/4 inch.  My back is fairly narrow and with all patterns-indies or Big 4, the back is always too wide or full.  I ended up shaving off a 1/2 inch from each back side seams which makes it about an inch reduction.  This worked well for my back fitting.

I used the size 10 for upper chest and shoulder tapering to size 12 from underarm to bottom. I think I that worked well for bust area and after reducing the back piece as noted above, the fit was good for that area.

My …

Isn't It IRONic !

I started a post last week to talk about irons and how I truly loveloved my Reliable Iron

that I purchased July 2017 from Amazon.  $169 is pretty steep yet I had seen it in use and decided I could afford it.

I really did like this iron as the steam feature is excellent.  It has an auto shut off feature that you can override as well, which I did when I was sewing.

Then Sunday, I was pressing some seams and the iron began to make a strange sound, similar to the sound it makes when the water reservoir is almost empty.  Yet this was not empty. I picked it up and the sound stopped and I set it back down.

I then went to my serger to sew and a light placed near my serger began to flicker as did the overhead light.  That was strange.  Then my iron started flashing the steam LED lights and making a noise.  I turned off the iron and the lights stopped flashing.  The iron is plugged into a wall that is not near my sewing or serger machines so I did not think it was a circuit overload.

I waited a…


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