Bellavista by Itch to Stitch

I finally made this pattern!  I have had it printed for some time and finally taped all the pieces together.  I am normally a "Team Trace" for pdf patterns because I like to pin fit patterns and copy paper does not work well for this fitting technique.  I decided I would go with the finished measurements for size 10 and 12. 

That worked pretty well, however, I think I probably could go with an 8 in shoulder/upper chest area.  ended up shaving off 3/8 inch from shoulder width and I think I could shave off another 1/4 inch.  My back is fairly narrow and with all patterns-indies or Big 4, the back is always too wide or full.  I ended up shaving off a 1/2 inch from each back side seams which makes it about an inch reduction.  This worked well for my back fitting.

I used the size 10 for upper chest and shoulder tapering to size 12 from underarm to bottom. I think I that worked well for bust area and after reducing the back piece as noted above, the fit was good for that area.

My DH helped with taking pictures but I did not like how they turned out so I took the bathroom mirror photos.  Not the best photos but better than what he took.

Here is a side view with a comment.

What drew me to this top originally was the cowl neck.  When I started with this fabric, I thought I had enough to make the cowl neck. Unfortunately, I did not!   So I used the view with neckband.  I have used a neckband attachment method that I saw on Threads Insider years ago and it has served me well most of the time.  As you can see in the above I have gaping at the center neckline. I reduced the length of the neckband and added width before attaching.  I basted it first and decided I did not need as much width and reduced that by 1/4 inch.  I think the gaping is more of a fabric issue than the pattern.  I also think if I had kept it at its original width it would have been better.

Other than tweaking the size a little, I really like this pattern.  You can not see the front seaming with this busy floral print.  It is a nice design feature and does allow for tweaking if you find it too full.  I think you could also do some creative seaming with this as well as color block with the centerpiece.

I like the bell sleeves. I think the sleeves are a little full in the bicep area and might reduce that fullness with the next top.  I have pulled out a solid knit fabric from stash and will measure to make sure I can cut out the cowl neck before cutting into the fabric.  Or back to the stash I go.

For full disclosure, I am an affiliate of Itch to Stitch and if you think you would like to try this pattern, you can click on the link in the left-hand column which will take you to the site for purchasing. I would receive a commission.  My opinion about this pattern is my own.


  1. The floral print is beautiful. Great job. You look lovely!

  2. Very pretty fabric and its fits you so well.

    1. Thank you! I just started another version of this and made a couple of tweaks with fit. Hope to finish it today.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you! I am about to finish another one with the cowl neck in a solid color.

  4. How pretty! I really like this floral print on you! I have an Itch to Stitch pattern I have yet to print looks like yours fits pretty well.

    1. Thanks Vanessa! I made a few tweaks to my second version. Hope to finish tomorrow.


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