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More progress

I attempted to post something earlier this AM, computer, Blogger and photos just were not working well together.

I made more progress with my skirt and wanted to share that with you.  Let's try again to post photos and comments---

Here is the lining attached to the skirt.  You first sew it to the front edges.  Prior to this you sew the front and back together at side seams for both the skirt and then for the lining.
There is a left front and a right front so the lining is attached to both front edges.  Then calls for trimming the seam and pressing to prepare to turn to the inside.
Before you even attach the lining to the front edges you turn up the hem using a double fold method.Not my usual method; decided I would give it a try.

I had to make some fitting tweaks.  I ended up taking 1 inch side seams, tapering to 1.5 near the bottom edge as I wanted it to be more tapered that it was when trying it on.    I also took a deeper center back seam below the back zipper.  The pattern cal…

Skirt progress

Lining sewn.
Skirt pieces sewn.
Ready to baste and fit.

Weekend sewing plans

I finished cutting the fabric for the skirt and need to do the lining fabric next.  I need to find thread to match.  I have some thread in my stash that is okay though I think I can find something closer to the color. 

When I purchased this fabric I wanted to have enough for a suit; I think I will be able to use the remaining fabric for a simple jacket.  I am not necessarily thinking about a jacket to go with this skirt.  I am thinking that since the fabric is out and some already in use, why not finish using it at this time.

I am not a sewing with a "real" plan kind of sewist.  I do have a plan for the garment being sewn at the time.  I sometimes get quickly bored with one project; I think because I have so many ideas going on in my head for the next project and that next piece of fabric to sew.

I just got home from the Y and being on the treadmill for 35 minutes; time to go to sewing room before DH is awake and moving.  Later.

Slow progress

Yesterday was first day back to work after my staycation.  It is amazing what accumulates in one's mailbox and inbox!!  Worked late to catch up leaving my energy low for nothing but fixing a quick dinner of leftovers and a few other chores.

I have cut out the right front piece of the skirt pattern.  I will say that I thought the fabric may ravel a lot but the weave is a tighter weave than I thought thus the fabric did not ravel as much.  The left piece is is now pinned to fabric ready for cutting.  Even though the pattern has only three pieces, there is lining fabric to cut as well.

Still have not taken photos of recent fabric arrival; hopefully soon.

Next up- a skirt!

This is an idea for the skirt I plan to make.  I actually saw a similar skirt in an earlier Nordstrom catalog; I thought I had scanned the page from it but I am not finding the photo scan or the catalog.  This is close enough.

The pattern is Vogue 8928.
I plan to make View C/D.  The wrap portion is a little too open for me, so I added to the front edge of the under portion of the skirt.  If I was young and had legs like the model then maybe; maybe not.  I am going for the angled wrap look not the sexy blonde look.

The fabric is a purchase from Vogue Fabrics in 2013.  This is labeled as suiting fabric in a warm rose color.  I also purchased two knit fabrics with this suiting fabric.  One knit is a ruffle knit in the same color; the other knit is very light weight floral print with the flowers being a warm rose color on an off-white background.  If I use the lighter knit it will require a knit lining.
I have the perfect lining fabric in stash for this skirt.  I acquired this last year …

Happy Easter

For those who celebrate this religious holiday, I wish you a Happy Easter. 
I am preparing a nice dinner for DH and I, our celebration will just be the two of us.  No time to travel to be with family elsewhere.


I took some photos late Friday evening, so forgive the hair and makeup.  But this is about the dress anyway.  When I took these photos I had not hemmed the sleeves or dress, that is now complete and used my Coverstitch machine to do both.

I think M6886 is a perfect dress to showcase the fabric.  I truly enjoyed working with this scuba knit fabric and do plan to purchase more in the future.  As posted previously I purchased this from EmmaOneSock.

Without further ado:

The front has bust darts and I added vertical darts to the back due to fabric pooling and my narrow upper back.  Here  are side views that shows how back is more fitted with the back darts.

I am happy that I got the design on the sleeve to be the same on both sides.  And one final shot:

Now that this pattern is adjusted for fit I plan to make another one in the future.

One thing that I did also is I used bias binding tape at the neckline.  For this view it called for turning under 5/8 inch and then stitching this down.  Th…

Staycation sewing

Yesterday was a very productive sewing day, not so much yet today.  The dress is almost complete.  I need to finish the neckline, hem the sleeves and dress--then done.

I am not one of those lucky sewist who made this dress without a lot of fitting and adjusting.  I made 1.5 FBA and kept the dart.  I trimmed the shoulder length by 3/8 using a technique from Sandra Betzina.  I made my usual forward shoulder adjustment as well as 5/8 high round back adjustment.

I sewed the front and back shoulders together and then basted the side seams for fitting.  I had a lot of pulling in the back waist area right above my hips.  I have a narrow upper back area right above the waist line.  My front has a little pouch.  This always creates some fitting issues with dresses without darts.

To fix the pooling, I printed out a back bodice pattern using Pattern Master Boutique that had a vertical back dart.  I laid the pattern piece over the back fabric and marked two darts aligning the center back of the p…

Dress is cut out

First let me say, I love, love, love "scuba knit".  This was a great fabric to layout and cut. 

Because of the design on the fabric, it was important to me to make sure that I got the focal point I wanted of the design centered for the front and back.  I thus laid out the fabric as a single layer and cut one side of the front and back then flipped it over aligning with pin markings I made.  I think I held my breath through this part of the process.

Here is a view of the front of the dress
And the back view
I also cut the sleeves identical, did not take photos of those. 

I am ready to sew this up.  I had to add a dart to the front; I just could not figure out how to get around this.  More updates to follow.

ASG Meeting

Last evening I attended our local ASG meeting; I have not been able to attend this year as I would like and it was great to be among such talented sewists.  Our guild celebrated its 20th anniversary.  The founder and most all of the past presidents plus current one spoke to the group about its history and growth.

Of course we had sew and tell.  I wore and presented my recently sewn McCall's blouse.
I saw on Pattern Review this morning the winners of the fitted blouse contest; though I was not a winner it was fun to participate in a contest.  The blouse is a winner for me as it has passed the "wearability" factor as well as the washing, drying, no ironing test.  I do see me making some more blouses, not this one for now, as I do have some other lovely fabrics in stash that have aged enough to become something besides just fabric.

I had a great time talking with my sitting partner last night.  It was fun for both of us to learn how much we love shoes and don't really n…

Weekend update at Casa Danvillegirl!

Yesterday was family day for us.  Our niece, her DH and her DD and DS came to Roanoke for the Color Run.  It is a huge event touting this as the Happiest Run.  There were over 5000 runners who run a 5k course in Salem, VA.  As the runners reach each kilometer there are people there throwing a powder paint on the runner.  At the end of the course they are in all colors of the rainbow.

Following the event we went to downtown area and had lunch, then walked around the farmer's market and visited some of the boutiques and other shops.  It was nice to spend time with family.

I decided last night that the "scuba" knit fabric will be made into a dress using this pattern:
I plan to make the view that the model is wearing.

I washed the fabric today.  Some pattern adjustments have been made, my usual forward shoulder, front and back horizontal tuck above armhole notches for the petite adjustment, and high round back adjustment.  I have not yet made the swayback adjustment.  Of l…

Next up-a dress

I want to make a dress and have several patterns in mind.  I decided that I want to use fabric purchased earlier this year from EOS-a neoprene knit also called scuba knit.
I visited a website last night that showed some lovely color print dresses from this type knit.  I would love to find some colors also; I wear a lot of black so this will get some wear.  Next I need to make final pattern decision.  More later.


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