More progress

I attempted to post something earlier this AM, computer, Blogger and photos just were not working well together.

I made more progress with my skirt and wanted to share that with you.  Let's try again to post photos and comments---

Here is the lining attached to the skirt.  You first sew it to the front edges.  Prior to this you sew the front and back together at side seams for both the skirt and then for the lining.
There is a left front and a right front so the lining is attached to both front edges.  Then calls for trimming the seam and pressing to prepare to turn to the inside.
Before you even attach the lining to the front edges you turn up the hem using a double fold method.Not my usual method; decided I would give it a try.

I had to make some fitting tweaks.  I ended up taking 1 inch side seams, tapering to 1.5 near the bottom edge as I wanted it to be more tapered that it was when trying it on.    I also took a deeper center back seam below the back zipper.  The pattern calls for a regular zipper but I used an invisible zipper as I prefer that look.  The pattern instructions call for attaching the lining first, then sewing the zipper.  I could not see the logic in this so I sewed the zipper after sewing back darts.

I don't have a lot more to do to finish the skirt.  While sewing yesterday I thought about shoes and realized that I probably have a perfect matching pair to go with this skirt.  I have not tested that theory yet. 
Time to fix dinner so will provide more updates later.



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