Almost to the finish line

The skirt is almost complete.  I basted the lining to waist and fitted one more time, taking it in an additional 1/2 inch at side seams.  I attached the grosgrain ribbon to waist seam, trimmed and turned seam allowance.  Next and last thing to do is hem the skirt.  I then am going to let this hang a few days in the sewing room as I am not sure that I like how this looks on me.

I think I have been second guessing myself on this skirt from the beginning.  I think it is a little to sexy/hoochi mama for someone my age. Even adding extra width to the front pieces, helped but not enough.  I am trying to see how I might tack front pieces together.  When you sit, you can see more of what is under the skirt than I want to reveal.

I did learn some new things from sewing this skirt about attaching linings to zippers by machine and a nice corner finish when turning up hems to sew at edges. So I don't think it is an epic fail, it just may be something for someone else to wear.

Here are a few photos to show the additional progress:

The pattern calls for inserting the zipper after basting the lining to the waist and overlapping and basting the front edges together at waist.  You then insert the zipper and slipstitch the lining to the zipper tape.  After I had attached lining to the front edges, pressed and turned, I then sewed the lining piece to the zipper tape using my sewing machine.

The grosgrain ribbon is attached to the waist seam line and then you trim away the fabric from behind ribbon. Turn the ribbon to inside, turn in edge of ribbon and slipstitch to zipper tape.  Then tack ribbon to lining at darts and side seams.  I decided to turn ribbon, pin and stitch ribbon by machine all around.  I partly did this thing it would help in stabilizing the waist.  I had fused fusible tape to waist area to help prevent stretching.

Skirt is now ready for hemming.  I have turned up the hem and it is ready to sew.  I plan to use blind hem stitch on sewing machine to hem this.

After a final and better pressing, and me more presentable I will take photos of me wearing.  I am ready for my next project which will be my May Garment of the Month.


  1. Thanks for your comments about this skirt. I had the same thoughts about sitting and revealing too much. I plan to make this skirt but add a panel behind the opening for modesty.

    1. Towanda, a panel addition is a great idea. After hemming the skirt this afternoon, I had an idea about adding lace somehow, Plus I need to find lace in the same color way as this skirt or attempt to die it.


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