Now for a top--NL 6150 and maybe some lace

The skirt is hemmed.  Needs to be pressed.  After hemming and moving on to some other home chores; I kept thinking how can I salvage this skirt.

I returned to the sewing room during the afternoon and checked to see how much of the fabric I have left. Enough to make another skirt using a skirt pattern that I have sewn several times previously; thus no real fitting adjustments to make.  It is a pattern well liked by many sewist if you read reviews on Pattern Review.
It is McCall's 5523I have made it in cotton stretch woven and wool.

I decided to cut out New Look 6150, another knit top pattern I sewed last year using a mesh knit fabric seen below.  The fabric I used this time is similar in weight. It too was purchased at the time I bought the skirt fabric and I planned to use it with that fabric.
This is what the fabric looks like
Because NL 6150 has a cross over of fabric in the front, I chose the pattern for that reason.  This way the front will be more opaque and I won't have to have lining knit for this fabric.  The fabric is cut out and ready to sew.

So how to salvage the current skirt?  I thought about lace.  I see many skirts with lace as well as leather.  I am thinking a lace panel to attach somehow.  Now I need to research lace fabrics.  If you have suggestions for sources with a variety of colors, please leave a comment to this post.


  1. I just love that McCall's pattern for a skirt ~ just made View B (again) ready for winter here. Can't help you with sourcing lace, but I think it will look lovely to tone down the front split in you skirt ~ the skirt is well worth the extra effort with ... J

    1. I too love that McCall's pattern. I have some lace in stash and auditioning the pieces only to get an idea of how the lace would look. I think it will work out well. I have one lace piece that I might try dying to match. I do want to salvage the skirt if I can.


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