Weekend sewing plans

I finished cutting the fabric for the skirt and need to do the lining fabric next.  I need to find thread to match.  I have some thread in my stash that is okay though I think I can find something closer to the color. 

When I purchased this fabric I wanted to have enough for a suit; I think I will be able to use the remaining fabric for a simple jacket.  I am not necessarily thinking about a jacket to go with this skirt.  I am thinking that since the fabric is out and some already in use, why not finish using it at this time.

I am not a sewing with a "real" plan kind of sewist.  I do have a plan for the garment being sewn at the time.  I sometimes get quickly bored with one project; I think because I have so many ideas going on in my head for the next project and that next piece of fabric to sew.

I just got home from the Y and being on the treadmill for 35 minutes; time to go to sewing room before DH is awake and moving.  Later.


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