ASG Meeting

Last evening I attended our local ASG meeting; I have not been able to attend this year as I would like and it was great to be among such talented sewists.  Our guild celebrated its 20th anniversary.  The founder and most all of the past presidents plus current one spoke to the group about its history and growth.

Of course we had sew and tell.  I wore and presented my recently sewn McCall's blouse.
I saw on Pattern Review this morning the winners of the fitted blouse contest; though I was not a winner it was fun to participate in a contest.  The blouse is a winner for me as it has passed the "wearability" factor as well as the washing, drying, no ironing test.  I do see me making some more blouses, not this one for now, as I do have some other lovely fabrics in stash that have aged enough to become something besides just fabric.

I had a great time talking with my sitting partner last night.  It was fun for both of us to learn how much we love shoes and don't really need more but ........  We also seem to be patternaholics as well.

Weekend sewing plans are to make the McCall's knit dress mentioned in an earlier post.  I have pin fitted the pattern and need to make a FBA-no surprise there.  I made the usual forward shoulder, upper round and horizontal tuck for upper chest and upper back.  Still need to make the swayback adjustment.  For the FBA, I really need to figure what technique I want to use so that I can eliminate the resulting dart.

Off to get ready for work.  I am wearing my Butterick dress with front ruffles today.
We have a special employees luncheon today and I am making a presentation of an award to one of my staff.  I have not worn this since late fall; this is one of my favorite dress patterns.

Updates later.


  1. Yes, your blouse is a winner. Great fit and it's pretty. I love you dress too, very flattering.

  2. Your blouse was fantastic! I love the ruffles on the front.

    1. Thank you! I like using piping but sometimes I don't think about it until after the fact.

  3. Both your blouse and dress look very chic!

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