Next up- a skirt!

This is an idea for the skirt I plan to make.  I actually saw a similar skirt in an earlier Nordstrom catalog; I thought I had scanned the page from it but I am not finding the photo scan or the catalog.  This is close enough.

The pattern is Vogue 8928.
I plan to make View C/D.  The wrap portion is a little too open for me, so I added to the front edge of the under portion of the skirt.  If I was young and had legs like the model then maybe; maybe not.  I am going for the angled wrap look not the sexy blonde look.

The fabric is a purchase from Vogue Fabrics in 2013.  This is labeled as suiting fabric in a warm rose color.  I also purchased two knit fabrics with this suiting fabric.  One knit is a ruffle knit in the same color; the other knit is very light weight floral print with the flowers being a warm rose color on an off-white background.  If I use the lighter knit it will require a knit lining.
I have the perfect lining fabric in stash for this skirt.  I acquired this last year from a donation to our local ASG chapter; I purchased three lining pieces and have used one in an earlier skirt pattern that did not turn out as expected.
The one in the middle goes very well with the fabric, though in this photo it looks like a different color.  I am not sure of the content, did not do a burn test.  It feels like Bemberg rayon.

The pattern adjustments have been made after pin fitting.  I hope to cut it out tomorrow.  I discovered some kind of "oil" leak with my car and may have to spend time at the car dealers after my much awaited mani/pedi tomorrow morning.

More fabric arrived earlier this week and will share with you in an upcoming post. 


  1. Neat pattern! Just for the record, I really think you could go for the sexy blonde look! Probably not good for work though...

    1. Thank you for thinking I could pull it off as is--yes, would not be the right skirt for my job.

  2. This is going to be really pretty.. Happy sewing.. and hope your car has no major problems..


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