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Made progress on Laurel

I made a lot of pattern adjustments while pin fitting the pattern. I cut out the fabric last night and began some sewing.  This AM I inserted an invisible zipper and sew front darts and shoulder seams.  At this point when I sew I usually baste side seams for fitting.

I basted side seams as usual and tried on the Laurel dress and determined that I had to take much deeper seams from waist to hem line.  When I review pattern measurements, Colette patterns are always large on me at waist to hemline; I normally go smaller but this time I used a 12 throughout.   I basted deeper seams, making seams 1 1/2 inches deep.  I determined that the back darts need to be taken in as well to give a better fit for the back.  At that point I had to stop sewing for the day.

I think I will have to sew darts at the back neckline as well to get a better fit.  Next steps are to baste in the sleeves as I think the shoulder may be too long as well.  These are all fixable fitting issues and will definitely aid …

Back from vacay and ready to sew again

I had a great vacation and hope to post some vacay photos soon.  We went to OBX-Outer Banks in North Carolina.  Great weather while there.  I love the beach!

Had to go and stock up on groceries after returning.  Began the usual after vacay laundry thing and finally got to go into the sewing room to clean up from last sewing project to start on the next one.

I plan to sew the "Laurel" dress by Colette patterns.

I began the pattern fitting part and determined the fabric I will sew up next.  It is fabric I purchased from Fabric Mart earlier this year.  It is a rayon challis with a little more body to it than some other fabric I acquired.

Ready for vaca!

I finally completed B5922.  I ended up having to make two darts in the back neck area as the center closure was sticking out.  Between packing and such I made the final tweaks.

Here are two photos of the front; side view I took were not good.  I will get DH to take photo while  on vacation.  Heading to the beach.  DH's niece will be house setting for us while we are gone.
I took the photos in the bathroom mirror, not the best place for photo and excuse the roll of toilet paper in the photo.  Could not crop it out.

I think the top looks much better in natural light.  I am pleased with the final fit.  I will probably make this again.

The top is almost complete

Side seams sewn-yesback opening area stitched-yesneckline complete-no I have decided to use fold over elastic that is a bronze/gold color identical to the color on the lace knit.  I debated over this for sometime now. I decided that the gold trim at neckline works with gold   in the scallop edge of the top and sleeves.  Reading the tutorial on I am hoping that this will attach as easily as it looks on the site.  I have to do this tonight and then sew hook and eye.

Friday will be hectic running around with last minute things to do before leaving on Saturday.  I did find me two pairs of white pants-one a stretch denim and one a cotton- to wear with this top.  Photos to follow when complete.


Power back on

Yesterday power was restored and we were able to return home.  Spent most of the day throwing out spoiled food from the refrigerator and cleaning out the frig for restocking.

Went grocery shopping to restock most of the essentials.  By the time all of this was done and laundry completed, I was ready for bed.  I think I slept the best I have in days; I felt refreshed when it was time to go back to work this AM.

Still have not completed the Butterick top and will get that done as it was and is going on vacation with me!!!!! More later.

Power outage

Almost a year later, short by two weeks, we had another horrendous storm come through our area Thursday afternoon causing severe damage with trees falling and power outages to over 11,000 residents/businesses just in the city where I live.  I, of course, am among that group.  So DH and I are living in a hotel again until power is restored.  AEP, our electrical provider, was not giving expectation times as they did last year; earlier today we were told by Monday.

So my sewing bits and pieces are halted at this point.  Dang!!!! We went by the house around 2pm and still no power.  We extended our hotel stay another day, being optimistic that all will be well tomorrow.

Granted others have it worst than we do, our neighbor has a huge oak tree collapsed in their yard with some roof damage as a result of the tree falling toward their home.  Still feel disappointed that my weekend sewing for my upcoming vaca is halted.  Too much to handle to move my sewing machine and all the stuff that I nee…

Sewing in bits of time

A lot of work day evenings, I just do not have a lot of energy to sew.  This week I have found five minutes here or there to do one piece of sewing related activity.  Yesterday I did the final fitting on lace knit top and found I needed to take a deeper seam at bust level on one side and to use 3/8 seam allowance from waist to hip with side seams.

This evening I was able to attach the sleeves to the top.  I pinned the side seams to have them ready for sewing.  I had really hoped to have had the top completed for tomorrow's ASG meeting and it just was not meant to be.  I want to buy a pair of casual pants in white or cream to wear this top with while on vacation.

I want to try to make one more top before going on vacation. To do that I will need to use a pattern that has been fitted and sewn previously.  I can then cut, sew and pack to wear.

I will post photos of completed top soon.

Quick update

I basted the side seams and tried on for final fitting.  One last tweak needed and that will be done when I sew the side seams.

One fitting issue I cannot resolve now and something that I seem to notice more is that I really need to shorten the back length in addition to making a swayback adjustment.  There is some pooling right above the back waist.  I noticed this on another top recently.  Oh the joys of aging and body changes to go with it!

The final step is the neckline.

Basting and fitting

I took a few moments before and after work to baste in the sleeves.  I want to make sure that the shoulder and the sleeves fit well.  I basted them in using flat version and then will baste sleeve and side seams next for, I hope, the final fitting.  Once the fitting and sewing is complete, I need to finish the neckline.  The pattern calls for turning under and top stitching.  I am think bias binding instead.

This is a fairly stable lace knit, yet there could be some stretching so I either stitch clear elastic and then turn under and top stitch or use a bias binding.   What are your thoughts, feedback appreciated.

Becoming a top

I am working on this Butterick pattern
My version is going to be a combination of Views C and D.  I am not going to have a collar and I am going to have the three quarter length sleeves.

Here are a few photos taken earlier today working on adding the underlay.  The underlay fabric is a stretch lining fabric which has also been in my stash for a few years, maybe 3 or 4.  I acquired it from EOS.
This is the front piece.  I kept the darts created when completing a FBA; I eliminated the darts created in the lace knit by moving to side seam then retracing the side seam.  The instructions have you baste the edges to the side seams.
This is the back piece with a center back seam. After the first fitting I had to reduce the seam allowance from 5/8 to 3/8 from waist to bottom.  The back was hanging up over my hip fluff. From waist up I used 5/8 seam allowance. I also trimmed 3/8 inch at the front neckline as the neckline on me was very high.

I have attached the top at the shoulder seams and r…

Back from traveling and preparing to sew

I have had two business trips within a few weeks of each one.  It is always great to get home afterwards and spend time with DH and my sewing room.

I decided to wash the lace knit fabric as I am not sure if I had done that prep before; better safe than sorry.  I also washed some other knit fabrics that will become something hopefully soon.

I did a final tweak to my pattern fitting adjustments.  Once the fabric prep is complete I will cut and sew.

I had hoped that my recent business travel would allow me to visit a fabric store while in the area. With the meeting schedule and terrible flash flood rain thanks to tropical storm coming up from Florida it was just not meant to be.  I was so happy to get out of the rain while driving.  Traveling Interstate 81 in the Shenandoah area to and from Roanoke and then getting on Interstate 64 going over a high mountain with heavy duty fog is a challenge; especially with all the 18 wheelers plus  heavy duty rain creates a more stressful drive.  Al…

A box of fabric from EOS

Not too long ago I said I was going on a fabric and pattern diet.  I have fallen off that wagon.  A brown box came yesterday with fabric from EOS. I started out only planning to buy lining fabric to go with the navy blue lace fabric acquired from Mood recently.  I bought three colors as I was not sure and still am not sure what color to use underneath.
I have sapphire, nude and marine linings.  I think I want a contrast and thought the sapphire blue would be nice; or go with nude for an even more contrast or the marine color is perfect match to the lace fabric.  What do you think, contrast or match?  It will be a dress.

I fell in love with this pretty floral cotton fabric.

Then there was this knit fabric that was similar to a maxi dress made by Mimi.  Not sure what this will be.

Next up-Butterick 5922 knit top

Completed V8742 version 2.  I really love this pattern.  Two versions are enough for now!

Up next

This is my new purchase taking advantage of the Memorial Day sales at Butterick.  

This is fabric from my stash and has been around for a very long time.  I acquired this the last time ASG National Conference was held in D.C.  and I think that was 2005.  The underlay will be a cream/tan knit fabric acquired from EOS several years ago also.

I wanted you to see the scalloped edge of the fabric.  This will be the bottom of the top and perhaps the bottom of the sleeves, hoping that I can squeeze everything from the yardage on hand.
The pattern fitting process is in progress.  Completed adjustments on the front bodice and front underlay piece.  I wanted to have this top for a dinner out at the beach.  

Dress complete and onto next

I completed the second V8742 dress.  This was an easier one to sew as the knit was less fiddly and the fitting changes from the previous version were incorporated into this pattern.

I am debating-- do I make a few more knit tops as vacation (yeah) is coming up at the end of the month or move onto another dress?  I am considering making the "Laurel" dress from Collette's pattern line or a New Look dress from a pattern in my stash.

I have several fabric pieces calling my name for attention.  Photos of the finished dress to follow.


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