Back from traveling and preparing to sew

I have had two business trips within a few weeks of each one.  It is always great to get home afterwards and spend time with DH and my sewing room.

I decided to wash the lace knit fabric as I am not sure if I had done that prep before; better safe than sorry.  I also washed some other knit fabrics that will become something hopefully soon.

I did a final tweak to my pattern fitting adjustments.  Once the fabric prep is complete I will cut and sew.

I had hoped that my recent business travel would allow me to visit a fabric store while in the area. With the meeting schedule and terrible flash flood rain thanks to tropical storm coming up from Florida it was just not meant to be.  I was so happy to get out of the rain while driving.  Traveling Interstate 81 in the Shenandoah area to and from Roanoke and then getting on Interstate 64 going over a high mountain with heavy duty fog is a challenge; especially with all the 18 wheelers plus  heavy duty rain creates a more stressful drive.  All the driving time gave me an opportunity to listen to music and think about sewing projects.

I wore my recently completed Vogue dress for the first meeting day which also was a travel day.  The knit held up well for travel, meetings and then a group dinner.  I think I need to take in the sides just a tad more and I did not hem this as deep as the other dress.  I am not sure if I like the length or not.  I have a black pair of shoes that I call my rainy day black pumps and the heel is a little lower than another pair that I would have worn with the dress.  I think I will see how this looks for those shoes before decided to hem it a little shorter.

More sewing updates later.


  1. Glad you are safely back in your sewing domain!

  2. Traveling is always work even with cooperative weather. Challenges, challenges every where! It makes sewing time very precious when you finally get back home.

    1. Mary Beth, so very true. I have enjoyed my sewing time today very much.


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