Becoming a top

I am working on this Butterick pattern
My version is going to be a combination of Views C and D.  I am not going to have a collar and I am going to have the three quarter length sleeves.

Here are a few photos taken earlier today working on adding the underlay.  The underlay fabric is a stretch lining fabric which has also been in my stash for a few years, maybe 3 or 4.  I acquired it from EOS.
This is the front piece.  I kept the darts created when completing a FBA; I eliminated the darts created in the lace knit by moving to side seam then retracing the side seam.  The instructions have you baste the edges to the side seams.
This is the back piece with a center back seam. After the first fitting I had to reduce the seam allowance from 5/8 to 3/8 from waist to bottom.  The back was hanging up over my hip fluff. From waist up I used 5/8 seam allowance. I also trimmed 3/8 inch at the front neckline as the neckline on me was very high.

I have attached the top at the shoulder seams and repinned the side seams.  I am debating sewing the sleeves in flat though pattern calls for in the round.  I am going to baste the side seams again as I need to take in an additional 1/2 inch through bust to eliminate some fullness at the side seam; from waist down return to 5/8 seam.  I may have to make another adjustment in the hip area as it pulled before but thinking the changes made in center seam will have taken care of this.

More later.


  1. This is coming together beautifully. Taking your time and tweaking the fitting will result in a great top...J

  2. I hope so. I just basted the sleeves in and plan to baste sleeve and side seams for the final fitting.

  3. Looking forward to seeing the final product!


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