Sewing in bits of time

A lot of work day evenings, I just do not have a lot of energy to sew.  This week I have found five minutes here or there to do one piece of sewing related activity.  Yesterday I did the final fitting on lace knit top and found I needed to take a deeper seam at bust level on one side and to use 3/8 seam allowance from waist to hip with side seams.

This evening I was able to attach the sleeves to the top.  I pinned the side seams to have them ready for sewing.  I had really hoped to have had the top completed for tomorrow's ASG meeting and it just was not meant to be.  I want to buy a pair of casual pants in white or cream to wear this top with while on vacation.

I want to try to make one more top before going on vacation. To do that I will need to use a pattern that has been fitted and sewn previously.  I can then cut, sew and pack to wear.

I will post photos of completed top soon.


  1. You are so right Linda. Bits of sewing time does help to move a project right along - however gradual.

  2. Last time I tried sectional sewing, I lost it! Spent more time trying to figure out where I left off and what I should do next than sewing and made mistakes I shouldn't have made. Rip, rip. Guess I am not as organized as I should be.

  3. I admire your commitment! Most nights I intend to do 10 or 15 minutes, but am just too tired. Even though, seriously, 10 minutes will not break me.

  4. That is pretty much how I always sew - in bits and pieces. It works for me; otherwise, I would never get to sew at all.


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