Saturday, April 08, 2017

McCall's 7542

I failed to take a photo of these patterns and mentioned them in an earlier post today.

Of special note is this pattern from McCall's
Earlier today I was viewing photos on Instagram and came across a post from McCall Pattern Company.  They have created a sewing contest to make the above pattern between now and May 7.  You can make as many versions of this pattern and post it by May 7 to be entered into the contest.  That was motivating to me.  The prizes are $100 gift certificate to Vogue Fabrics, one year subscription to Vogue Fabrics and $100 worth of McCall's Patterns.

I  had planned to make this recently so now I am more motivated to do so.  I have pulled out some fabrics from stash, some new and some that have aged awhile.    I  cut around the pattern pieces and will do some pin fitting of pattern soon.  Another great thing about this pattern, cup sizes for A/B, C and D!  No FBA for me!  Thank you McCall's

Here's a link to post on Instagram for McCall's Sewing Contest.

S1316 complete

DH and I decided that today was the day to stay in and do nothing but read, sew or whatever.

For me it was sewing.  The mojo has returned and completing this top was top of mind.  I like the top somewhat; there are a few things that I am not happy about and should I make this again I will make these adjustments.

Because it is a DDND-don't do nothing day.  I did not wash and style the hair and have on limited make up so to see this on will be another photo day.

My likes with this pattern:

  1. Separate front pieces for Cups B, C and D.  Yeah no FBA!
  2. Variety of front neckline options.
  3. Easy to sew and with shoulder princess seams, adjustments are easy to make
I don't have any dislikes of the pattern.

What I needed to have done was raise the neckline a little.  After stitching the facings, it lowered and widened the neckline on me.  I have an old neck and unless I wear a scarf or some sort of necklace I don't like how that looks on me..

The swayback adjustment I made was PERFECT!  Sorry you can't see that now.  I was truly pleased how well the back fits with no pooling.

I also sewed the center back seam all the way up as I was able to pull the top over my head, so it did not require hook and eye or button and button loop.

The fabric was somewhat slippery to handle and could easily get distorted.  I serge finished all seams. One other thing I did with understitching the facings at the neckline was to use a zigzag stitch and it truly helped keep the neckline from rolling out.  I got that idea from watching a Nancy's Notion program and seeing the guest-Pamela Leggett do this with a knit garment she was sewing on Nancy's show.  I works well for woven fabrics also.

I topstitched the neckline as well as the sleeve and bodice hems.

Ii may sew this again but not anytime soon.  I have so many other patterns to try.  More photos of me wearing later.

New Patterns

Well my pattern diet ended recently as I took advantage of Club BMV sales recently.  Here are my new additions.

Similar to a Style Arc pattern that I like

I saw this dress sewn recently by Natasha of Dressmaking Debacles.  I like her longer length, right above knees.  Decided I needed a cool and more casual dress for spring/summer.

I have the fabric!
I purchased the fabric that the model is wearing (yes, I fell off the fabric diet also).  I purchased it from  Lovely chambray fabric.
Yes, I have the stripe fabric also
I purchased the stripe fabric from JoAnn's recently.  I got the remaining yardage left on the bolt.  Mine is a navy and white knit.

Love the view the model is wearing

Maybe I will just go for it with the leggings.

This is interesting pattern and design
I have a few more patterns to show.  I just realized I don't have the photos of those yet.  I finished the Simplicity top and will post more about that experience later.

Sunday, April 02, 2017

Simplicity and EOS

Finally finding some sewing mojo!  I want to sew some tops that are not knits.  I love sewing knits.  I have some nice woven fabrics that are calling my name and several patterns that are for woven tops.

This is a Italian drapey with diamond weave jacquard from Emma One Sock that I purchased in March 2013. I think that this has aged enough in the stash now.  I remember when I bought it I thought it was going to be heavier and set it aside as I knew it was not the right fabric for the project I had in mind.

The pattern was acquired in 2015.  I decided to make View B which is the floral one in the picture above.  I also want to try the square neck one that the model is wearing in the future.  The great thing about this pattern is it has separate pieces for cup sizes-b,c and d.

The great thing about this fabric is both sides are usable so I am using the camel color as the center front and center back pieces, with the black side as the side front and back pieces.  

I have sewn all the front and back pieces together.  I am going to baste the shoulder and side seams next for fit adjustments.  I think this pattern has quite a bit of ease and probably could have used size 14 through out.

More updates to follow!

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wadders and Where is my sewing mojo!

Toaster Sweater Version 2, take 2, wadder.  Some of the adjustments made just did not work and instead of working to make it work, I decided to move on.  Spring is in the air and now I want to make some tops out of woven fabric.  I am also going to the beach with a friend in a couple of months and needs some beach wear.

And honestly, my sewing mojo has been stunted.  Just was not feeling it and most likely due to the bipolar weather we have had this month.

I did break my pattern and fabric fast last week.  New fabric and new patterns have arrived at my door step.  Will post photos of those soon.  Hopefully that will boost my mojo.


Friday, March 17, 2017

Toaster Sweater 2 Again

Lately I have been sewing items from the same pattern.  Normally I make an item from a pattern, put the pattern aside and move on to the next pattern.  Not sure why I have changed, I have enough patterns in my stash to sew and still will most likely not sew them all in my lifetime.

With my last garment wadder, I decided to use the golden yellow ponte knit to make another Toaster Sweater View 2 again.  The weather has been bipolar as someone else posted on Instagram lately, they too are from Virginia and I learned that they live in the Hampton Roads area.  With spring turned to winter weather in the past two weeks, my thoughts of sewing something for spring went out with the warm weather.

With my last Toaster Sweater, I found the top needed a few more tweaks.

I made a vertical FBA by cutting straight across from below the bust point area and adding 5/8 inch below.  I will then ease in this extra at the side seams but hopefully that will fix one problem I had.  I also shaved off 5/8 inch from the back starting right below the underarm and through the waist area to right above the hip area, there is a lot of fullness in the back. You can see the issues from this side view below.

I also adjusted the front neckline as I did not like how it lies in that area.  Instead of cutting a medium in that area, I cut at the small cutting line to shorten the length in the front keeping the back at medium.  My thought was that this would work like a forward neck adjustment.  Will see!

I have sewn the shoulders and neck area and now attaching the sleeves with one attached at this point. From there, you sew the side and sleeve seams in one.  My plan is to finish this hopefully by tomorrow.  

More updates to follow.


Saturday, March 11, 2017


Last weekend I attempted to sew a Marcy Tilton pattern that I have had in stash forever!  It is Vogue 9057.   I was going to use two fabrics from Girl Charlee as the colors in the print fabric complimented the mustard color of a ponte knit.

I made a mistake trying to use these two fabrics together as the solid knit was somewhat heavier than the print fabric and not sufficient stretch.  While attaching the neckband and frog stitching (ripping out stitches) I created small holes in the print fabric which at first I thought I could apply fusible stay tape to and I did.  Then I re cut the neckband and attached this one.  I hated the way the neckband looked, it stood away from my neck area and steaming did not change anything.  

Let me say that I was using the instructions for the neckband and not attaching as I normally would-that was the second mistake.  In removing the second neckband, I got to ripping too much and ruined the neckline.  No amount of stay tape or fusible would fix that.

I hope to salvage the print fabric and use it somehow in another top.  I have plenty of the solid color fabric for something else!

With the crazy weather we have had recently I am in limbo with what to sew next.  Hopefully I will decide on something to take advantage of a cold weekend perfect for me to stay inside and in my sewing room.

Saturday, March 04, 2017

Sad Week

I try to keep this blog sewing related; this past week was a tough one and I had no desire or energy to think or do anything sewing related.

I am a senior vice president with a nonprofit agency with several individuals reporting directly to me. I have never experienced the death of a direct report before and hope that I don't again.

My administrative assistant came to work for me 5 years ago replacing my previous person who retired. During the past President's day holiday weekend she suffered a heart attack and had to undergo bypass surgery.  I talked with her off and on after this procedure with my last conversation being that she was excited to go home this past Monday.  We talked about her recovery and her desire to come back and work half days until the doctor released her full time.  She promised to call when she returned home.

The call never came and on Tuesday AM, her husband and son came to my office to tell me she did not make it and passed away that morning.  He and I had talked a lot during the week of her surgery and after. So he wanted to tell me in person instead of by phone.  I know that was hard for him and his son but they felt a phone call was too impersonal.  They wanted to express to me how much she loved working at our agency and I assured them that all of us in our suite loved and cared about her. She will be truly missed by a lot of people.  The pain of this loss went both ways.

This loss not only impacted me but the numerous people who work in my business segment.  It was a week of mourning and loss to many of us.  She was in short in statue yet very tall in her capacity to help others with numerous acts of compassion and caring.  We brought in a grief counselor to help us all and on Friday one of my staff put together a memorial service in which to honor her and help us all obtain some closure.

I share this because writing about it has proven to be helpful and allows me to mourn and move on.
I share this also because she was only 59; some of her issues were genetic.  Some were due to not so great eating habits and lack of exercise; which is making me focus on my eating habits that are not too good and my off and on exercise routine.

Take care of yourselves, eat healthy, exercise and enjoy each day.  Life can be too short.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Video test

Bear with me as I attempt to test a video of me serging the metallic/matte fabric.

Metallic and Matte

I finally completed my third version of Vogue 9026.  The fabric used was a double knit with metallic coating on one side and a matte finish on the other.  I bought this from Mood Fabrics a couple of years ago.

I signed up for a Serger and Coverstitch contest on PR.  I truly thought that I would have time to make two items to enter.  At this time, it looks like just this one. 

The fabric though fun and unique, serging it with my serger was rather difficult.  The thickness with the metallic coating as well as that type fabric wears on the needles. I kept the fabric taut while serging holding the fabric in front as well as back of the serger foot.   

Here are some photos of the top completed.  Since the fit has been perfected, it was easy to serge this. You are allowed to use the sewing machine for topstitching, sewing down facings, as well as to baste the item before serging.
Front view-metallic

Back view-matte
The side seam is forward of the actual side as you can see in the picture below.  This also gives you a view of metallic and matte together.

Side view


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