Sunday, May 22, 2016

Paulina Top

I started working on the Itch to Stitch Paulina Top yesterday.
I attempted this one once before and the outcome was not good.  It was not the pattern it was me.  One I chose the wrong size and never really tested it by pin fitting or making a muslin.  I put it aside for awhile.

 I like the look of this top for something casual and one thing that I need more of is tops for casual as well as for work.  I have some tops that I have been wearing forever and the knit is started to peel or fade. 

I decided to stick with blue fabrics since serger is threaded with blue thread and this fabric from
The Fabric Market has been calling out for my attention.

The blue knit fabric is from Fabric Mart.
This is where I left off yesterday morning with the blue knit overlay completed and then basted to neck and sleeve front.
The blue looks lighter in the picture above but it is truly a navy knit that has been in my stash or at least two years if not longer.

I have made a lot more progress since yesterday morning and will post more later.

Let me say I pin fitted the pattern last week and determined that I needed to sew a 10-12.  I made some of my usual tweaks-swayback, raised neckline an inch, reduced the length of the sleeves as well as the width.  I also made a one inch FBA using pivot and slide method.

More later.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

May Garment of the Month

I decided to make Simplicity 1063
At first I was going to use both fabrics shown above.  In the end I decided that I had enough of the royal blue fabric to make View A, the red top, and would not use the floral print.

I like this pattern and I will make another View A top. I had to make some pattern adjustments and I still have an adjustment to make with the back. I made a FBA of one inch, using pivot and slide method but only adding to the front piece. I also made a 5/8 upper round back adjustment, 5/8 FSA and 3/4 inch swayback adjustment.

I still had some pooling at the back waist and had some fabric hanging up on my hip.  The back has an overlay that drapes and pleats which I liked so hopefully the other issues were not so noticeable when I wore this to work yesterday.  I did not notice this myself until I took pictures last night after work.  

I raised the front neckline has I thought this would be too low on me and for my wearing comfort this worked well.  I raised the v neck about an inch. 

Here is a little better picture of the back drape

I did not add the tab to the sleeve, my sewing machine was not liking the fabric to sew a buttonhole. I ended up cutting off about 3 inches, making the sleeves 3/4 length.

Final shot is a view of the side
The back overlay is basted at the yoke and side seam  and then stitched when sewing the side seam.  The instructions have you sew the sleeves in the round.  I sewed them flat then stitched the side seams from bottom of the top to the bottom of the sleeve.

The neckline has a facing and then topstitched an inch from neckline edge.

I like this top and do plan to make another, maybe with short sleeves and contrasting back overlay.  I truly got my money's worth with this royal blue knit fabric from Fabric Mart.  This is the second top made using this fabric.  Nothing but scraps left now!

Next project-Itch to Stitch Paulina top.  

Friday, May 13, 2016

Simplicity 99 cents sale!

Just could not resist the Simplicity $.99 sale.  Here are my Simplicity $.99 patterns.

I also took advantage of the OOP Sale at BMV two weeks ago.

Sunday, May 08, 2016

Simplicity 1318

I decided to wear my flares (RTW) and S1318 Kimono Jacket.  For a change I wanted pictures taken outside the house instead of a bedroom or hallway.

I really like this pattern, the fabric and the wearability of this.  Without future comment, me wearing the jacket for dinner out with DH.

Side view, hands disappeared into the fabric design

Front view

Back View
Is is a bird?

Saturday, May 07, 2016

Sewing Saturday

I have finished pin fitting and adjusting the Simplicity pattern.  I am now ready to cut the fabric.  I have decided that I have enough material in the royal blue fabric to make a solid color top.  This will allow me to wear with more pants and skirts.

I have another idea for the floral print fabric.  It has been in the stash the longest and one or more weeks will not be harmful.

DH is taking care of the Walmart run today, so I can play a little longer in the sewing room. :-)

Updates to follow.

Thursday, May 05, 2016

Work and no sew!

I traveled to Williamsburg, VA for a conference on Sunday returning Tuesday afternoon in time to shower and dress for our Annual Event.  I find driving 4 hours to be grueling.  On my trip to Williamsburg I lost two hours sitting on Interstate 81 due to two wrecks in two different locations.  For those of you who know this area and have traveled on 81 you know how it can easily become a parking lot.

So not much time for sewing this weekend.  I did cut around the pattern pieces for my next project
Simplicity 1063.  Next I need to pin fit to make adjustments.

Here are the fabrics I will be using
The solid color was acquired from Fabric Mart and I used some of it in a recent project
The floral print fabric is one that I have had for quite some time and not sure if I acquired from Fabric Mart also.  I am searching my photo files of fabric to determine stash time.

I don't think I will have enough to make the top front and the longer sleeves in the solid color; thus I am thinking of using the print for the main pieces with the solid for the back overlay.  I am making the blue version just reversing the contrasting fabrics.

I printed two indie patterns recently as well.  I attempted the Itch to Stitch  Paulina Top previously but fabric choice as well as size choice proved to be all wrong.  I also printed the Tabitha Top by Love Notions.  I am playing around with other fabrics from my stash to determine what I will use to sew up both of these items.

I need more tops for work and play.  It is amazing how I have worn so many of the tops I made over the past two years and have worn them out or just simply tired of wearing them.

More updates later.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

S1318 Complete

For a simple pattern, it took forever to complete this.  It is now complete.  I have a few RTW tank tops that I will wear with it.

I did not follow the instructions as written in several places.  I had an issue with the back neck facing that I need to tweak next time.  I ended up making the small size as the pattern has a lot of ease. I made my usual adjustments-forward shoulder, swayback, high upper round back and no FBA this time again due to the ease factor.

Here are photos of the completed jacket on Alma Marie.



The fabric was peach-skin that I purchased from Fabric Mart.  It actually was easy to sew with some raveling.  I serge finished all seams.  Photos wearing will come later this week.

I have to travel for business purposes later today thus will not be much in the way of starting a new project.

My next project is 

I plan to make View A-red top, but use a contrast fabric in the back as shown in View B-the blue top. I am debating on using the short sleeves or keep the 3/4 quarter sleeve with tab.  My office stays pretty chilly when A/C is running so really don't mind the sleeves.  I like the other version just not sure I need all that drape at my waist and center front.

I will be using fabric from my stash, using up the remaining fabric from an earlier project

and will combine it with a floral print fabric that I purchased several years ago.  Unfortunately I cannot find where I took a picture of it to show.  Very tropical look.


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