Still organizing and downsizing

I have made a lot of progress over the past couple of days.  I came across a few items that I have used sporadically or never.  I decided to sell them and posted two classifieds on Pattern Review.  Here is the link for the Simplicity Rotary Cutting machine.  This machine has never been used and you can find the description on PR.  The other item is a Janome Clothsetter for embroidery placements.  The link for this is here.

I most likely will have a few books to sell also.  Thank goodness that I have several rolling storage containers to keep things in as I can tell that I will have to manuever these around when I open up the cutting table to cut out patterns and fabric.

I am still looking for the right curtains to hang in the room.  And no I will not sew some as I find that sewing to be boring. 

As many of you know Jalie has released some new patterns and I will be making a purchase; have not purchased patterns or fabric since February.  There are a few Itch to Stitch patterns that I …

Beach time

Part of the reason for locating to NC was to live close to area beaches, not right on the beach, nor one or two blocks over.  My beach drive is 30 to 45 minutes away, but that is close enough and affordable.

My DH and I have good friends from high school that still live in our hometown of Danville, VA.  They had plans to go to Myrtle Beach which is two hours away from where we live.  So we took time from unpacking and setting up house to go visit our friends for two days.  It was a lovely break from our current routine.  The weather was perfect as the week before we had a monsoon for several days in a row.

My DH and I are(were) DINKS-double income, no kids.  We love other people's children and got to spend 2 1/2 days with a houseful of young kids and teenagers.  Goodness, they have a lot of energy. There were other adult family members included in the household.  It was an eight bedroom, 7 bathroom house with a view of the beach and porches on all levels-4.  NO ELEVATOR.  I defini…

Progress With Sewing Room

I want to thank many of you who recently commented on my post about setting up my sewing room.  Your comments were most helpful and good because you have been there and done this.

I have actually made some progress with one side of the room.  I thought I would share a couple of pics of the room thus far.  The struggle with the room is that my computer and "office" if you will are in the same room as the sewing room.  In my other house I had a little nook for my "office".  Actually having the computer in the same room with sewing allows me to watch sewing related videos and sew at the same time in the shared space.

Here is the organized side of the room
I have the sewing machine and serger set up.  The white table will be moved somewhere(?).  This is my cutting table and opens up on both sides.  I will have to leave one side down, I think, to make it work.  What you can't see is that next to the serger is my coverstitch machine, currently sitting on a wood tv tr…

Continued Chaos

I have hit another brick wall with my sewing room setup.  I have WAY TOO  much fabric, patterns, etc. for the space.  Now looking into shelving to go up toward ceiling. 

We still have boxes to unpack and somewhere in some box are my scissors, rotary cutters, and more.  When the movers were unloading the truck I thought I caught all of the boxes marked sewing.  Obviously not as there are more boxes unfortunately two boxes deep to get to at the moment. 

With the room in chaos at this time, I could not cut out anything if I found said scissors.  I was going to post a picture of how it looks now and realized that I have not yet found my camera.  I have the camera stand, not the camera!!!!

Years ago I would not have let the movers pack and move my sewing machines and essential sewing items.  This time I did let them move the sewing room and for the big things such as machines and serger, plus sewing and cutting table, all made it without damage.

Hopefully soon all will be my "normal&q…

Moved and Back on Line

Hello everyone!

We are moved and all the stuff is in the house.  Not all pretty with everything in its place and my sewing room looks like a disaster zone.  My DH was stunned by the number of boxes that were patterns.  He did not believe that I had gotten rid of any patterns and I had three large Hefty 39 gallon trash bags of patterns I donated to Goodwill.

I just got internet connected today and so happy to have this back on.  Life is hard without internet and WiFi in one's home. 

I am working on getting the sewing/office room put together.  I may have to buy one of those metal sheds to go behind the house just for sewing related items.  I can't wait to sew something in the near future.

More later!

We Have a Date!

Yes, I am still around.  Spending more and more time on packing and sorting to get ready for the big move.

We met with the moving company last week and we have a date to move!  Just having that scheduled has reduced some of my anxiety over the decision to move.

By mid May I may just be able to sew again! And to blog about something sewn. 

Talk back at you soon!


Moving is not for the faint hearted! 

After 14 years in this house, it is amazing how much one can obtain.  Downsizing and moving is proving to be way more involved than I originally thought/planned.  I knew we were going to go smaller; I thought I was doing well with starting to eliminate "stuff".

I still have way more stuff to do something with.  I thought about selling patterns and fabric on line but that requires time to take photos and then post on eBay or some other source.  I saw this as one more obstacle in my long list of things to do!

I have yet to sew anything since I retired; and here it is I thought I would be sewing up a storm.  Just can't get the mojo going.  Once we move and get settled, I know I will be sewing again.  Until then, I am packing up more of my fabric collection.

I donated 4 large trash bags of fabric to Goodwill along with two trash bags of patterns.  I also gave 2 bags of fabric to a young girl who has just started sewing and the look on h…


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