Friday, December 02, 2016

Butterick 6392

I am glad I had the sewing opportunity last week.  This is the other garment I made and wore last weekend, Butterick 6392

It was a fairly simple pattern to make, I cut size 14.  A dislike was there were not finished measurements on the pattern pieces; the only finished measurements listed on the envelope was the length.

It looked like there would be no issue with fit as the pieces looked as if there was a lot of ease.

Adjustments made were shortening the length by 1/1/2 inches; even then it was longer than I actually wanted.  I also did a swayback adjustment of 5/8. I also shortened the shoulder width by 5/8 inch.

The fabric is from Fabric Mart purchased in April 2015.
Diamond Quilted 

I fell in love with the fabric and had many ideas of how I would use it and then with change in weather I put aside for cooler weather.

When this pattern was released I knew immediately that I had the right fabric for this pattern.

This was an easy project to sew; one needs to pay attention to the marking for tie placements and right front self facing.  The biggest issue I had was the ties and turning them.  I used to have Fasturn tubes and they have gone missing.  I had another "gizmo" for turning but not a very good one.

DH took photos of me wearing this last weekend.  I lightened some of the photos so you can see the quilted design. It is a rich black fabric as you can see in the two photos below.

Here are the two side views
Left side

Right side with ties.
The sides are sewn with wrong sides together. The right side tie is sewn into the seam.  The left side tie was to be attached to the folded over self facing, the fold over stops where the left and front are attached at the V.  I opened up the seam that attaches the left to the right and inserted the tie in that seam to make it more secure.  I am not sure why the instructions would not have you do that.

By sewing the side seams on the right side of the fabric it creates what I called wings.

I truly like this pattern and the unusual design.  Not sure that I need another one, but was a pleasure to sew.

I wore this to work on Tuesday and no one really got to see this as I walked into the entrance of our building and fell on wet floor.  I sprained my ankle and have been laid up all week from this accident. I am on the mend and plan to return to work on Monday with ace bandage and foot trolley for my right foot.  Glad I got a pedicure during my vaca😇

Saturday, November 26, 2016


I have enjoyed my vaca and holiday.  I was able to finish V9169 and I completed Butterick 6392; more about the Butterick sweater jacket in my next post.

I was able to wear the Vogue top today and took a few photos of the finished garment.  I really like this pattern and will make it again making some additional changes to the fit.  It is a rather fitted through the waist and hips and I would like a little more room in that area so that when wearing over jeans as I did today it is not so form fitting.  My biggest critic, DH, liked the top and thought it was slenderizing.

Here are photos of me wearing with jeans.

Back view

Front view

Left side

Right side

Some other adjustments I will make-scoop out the front neckline a little more.  For cold weather, the high jewel neckline feels pretty good when outside.  I like the fit of the shoulder, I cut off 3/8 at the shoulder area tapering to nothing at the front and back notch.  I like the length somewhat, has more of a tunic feel at this length than if shorter.  I think this link will work well with leggings.

One thing of note, it is important to make sure you mark placement lines for front and back upper and lower pieces.  I could have done a better job. I wanted to be able to work with the placement due to changes made in upper front and back pieces.

I followed the instructions for this pattern.  Next time I think I will use my method of sewing front upper and lower pieces together first and the same for the back and then attach sleeves and sew side seams.  

I am pleased with the outcome and the next one will be even better.  I may not sew another one for awhile as I have so many other top patterns, including some TNT that I want to sew next.

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Next project-a glimpse

Here is a glimpse of my next project--more details to follow.  Making the view on the model!
Fabric from my stash from Fabric Mart.

Monday, November 21, 2016

And so (sew) the Vaca and Holiday begins!

I am so excited that I am off for a whole week--I needed this break!

This AM I had a plumber come and fix the garbage disposal and after that was complete, I went to the sewing room and completed-finally-Vogue 9169.  This pattern is rated easy and for the most part perhaps that is an appropriate label.  The challenge with this pattern is adjusting the pattern pieces to fit as the upper front and back are one piece.  I needed a FBA about 1 1/2 inches which required some interesting maneuvering of the pattern piece.  The back needed a swayback adjustment which required also adjusting the bottom back piece. Below is the front FBA and the bottom front piece had to line up with the upper front.

Other adjustments needed were the sleeves, they are very tight IMHO and so I added 3/4 inch to the bicep area, tapering back to original cutting line of the sleeve.  I also reduced the length by 1 1/2 inches. My other adjustment was my usual forward shoulder adjustment.

After basting the side seams, I ended up reducing the seam allowance to 3/8.  I normally  sew an 18 at waist and taper to 16 at hip, with this pattern's largest size being 14, I failed to make an allowance for that.  I thought that with the adjustments for the FBA would give me that extra room.  I needed a smooch more.  I will have to remember good posture when wearing this!!!😊

Here are pictures of the completed garment, hope to take some photos wearing later this week.
V9169 View B is the one I made

Front View

Back View

The fabrics were easy to sew and worked well together.  The black is a bamboo knit and tends to wrinkle more than I thought it would, my first time sewing this type of knit.  The print is from EOS and I had a limited amount of it, thus did not have enough to use for the sleeves, so had to use the black.  I have enough of it to use as a small piece in another color/print block top, I love the feel of it.

So ready to start a new project.  Will share that with you later.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Popping in

Just posting a short note to say that I am still working on the Vogue top.  Not much more to do.  This is not an easy pattern.  As I have worked on it I have continued to think of an easier way to attach the upper front and back to the bottom than the way the instructions have you do this.

The fabric has been great to work with, just a lot of aligning and basting and pinning and topstitching.

Updates soon!

Saturday, November 05, 2016

V9169 Pattern Fitting

I had to make several adjustments to this pattern
I hate it when the largest size on a multi-sized pattern is a 14.  I need that size for upper chest/neck and shoulder in Vogue and Butterick patterns, but need 16-18 for bust and waist.  Some multi-sized patterns come in multi sizes of  14-20, 22.  Not really any consistency in this.

With the largest size being 14 I knew I would have to make a FBA; and the front piece is all one piece so adjusting that was a little challenging and requires adjusting the contrast bottom front piece as well.  Swayback adjustment also required adjusting the one piece back and contrast back pattern. My other usual adjustments included forward shoulder and shortening the sleeves.  The sleeves with this pattern seem to be tight and the pattern markings for bicep size confirm the pin fitting of the sleeves, so I had to add 3/4 inches to the bicep area.

I have yet to cut out the fabric and plan to do so later today.  More updates to follow.


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