Monday, February 13, 2017

Toaster Sweater Ver 2

I finally got around to wearing and taking a few photos of the Toaster Sweater View 2 by Sew House Seven.  This is the sew-along offered.  I like the top and I actually like how the fabric I used feels while wearing it.  I have to admit that I have stated that I did not like this fabric.  Now that I am wearing it, I like it a little better.

For those who prefer all natural fabrics, then you will love this.  I think I wasn't liking it because it really wrinkles while wearing.  Some people can wear wrinkles, like linen, and look great.  Me, not so much.

This top is definitely boxy and photos of both versions are spot on.  I have to say the style is growing on me.  However the side view of this is not very flattering.

I think I need to make a FBA.  I really don't like the look of the front from this angle.

Here is the front looking front on.  The collar does bunch up and I see this on other sewists' versions as well..
I intentionally cut off my face as my hair was really flat looking front on and I am off from work today so really rather casual.  This top works for casual looks.

Another front view with hands on hips

Of course, what's a bunch of photos without the back view.  There is a lot of fullness there and I see that when I look sideways in the mirror.  So the next time I will take out a little of that fullness in the center back.

I did a swayback adjustment which helped but as stated above there is fullness.
I also added an inch to the length.  This a short top and I am petite, though long waisted. I am comfortable with where this sits on me.  I would like to try View 1, yet there are so many other tops to make for spring.

I am finishing up my third V9026 top.  I am using a double sided double knit fabric from Mood.  I just need to add the second cuff to one sleeve and I am done.  I am entering that top in the Serger and Coverstitch Contest on Pattern Review.  I think I will then let that pattern rest for awhile.  Actually this is one of the few patterns I own that I have sewn more than once.

More later!

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Did I or Didn't I???

Several posts ago I said I was going on a fabric/pattern diet.  The first week in January I bought fabric. Since then I am back on the wagon.

Last week I went to our mall which is about 10 minutes from work to get some lunch.  I walked through Barnes and Nobles after eating thinking I would quickly see what new sewing related magazines were available.  I have been buying Sew Style since second half of last year as they had become available in my area.  So I saw this one.

I could only see a little of  what articles were included because of  three free Butterick patterns as well.  Here are the three patterns.

I do not own any of these patterns. I have enjoyed reading the magazine.  This magazine came home with me.  So I asked myself, did I just buy some patterns or did I buy a magazine that just happened to have three patterns as part of the magazine?  😼😲

Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Another view of V9026

I made this top from Vogue 9026 pattern.  It is now OOP.  This is my second top from this pattern, using different view.  I made View C.

Here is my first version
I wear this top fairly frequently.  I find that it works well for casual as well as for work with slacks,
This one was made from leftover fabric from a dress I made.

The fabric for the new one is from two sources, the solid winter white is from Fabric Mart and the textured fabric is from Style Maker Fabrics.  Both are double knit.

This was my part of my OOTD last week worn with wool pants from Talbots.  The top felt warm and comfortable for the cold temperatures. The cowl collar is not very deep nor drapey as it may appear on the pattern envelope.  I did add cuffs for this version as I thought the textured fabric would be a nice accent to the front.  I made the sleeves a little wider with this version as they are somewhat tight with the first version.

I do plan to continue to use this pattern as I like the look of it.  I may try the v-neck, I am not a real fan of v-necks on me.  Will see.

Here is the view of the back, which has a center back seam and this works well for adjusting for swayback if you have that fitting issue as I do.
I completed the Sew House 7 Toaster Sweater and will write a post soon about this pattern.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017


I finally got around to taking a few photos of me wearing S8059.  This was not a difficult pattern to sew, but difficult to handle the lengthy pattern pieces.  I had planned to sew the longer version, but not enough fabric and even using the shorter version I had to improvise and cut the front sides at bottom edge a little narrower.  The facing piece was pieced at the bottom to have the right length for the shorter version.

I cut a medium for upper chest/shoulders/neck tapering to large from bust to bottom.  I ended up basically using a medium throughout.  I also took off about 3/8 from shoulder width and probably could have taken a smidge more.  I see more of this sweater jacket in my future.

Back view

Semi-side view

Front arms on hip view
I snapped these yesterday before leaving for work.  Yesterday was a rainy, damp day and the sweater worked well for all day wear.

I am currently working on Sew House 7 Toaster Sweater Top-Version 2 in red premium cotton knit from Cali Fabrics.  I am not absolutely in love with this fabric, it is a good quality I just don't get the premium definition.  I don't sew much in the way of cotton knits so my expectation may not be fair as I did not have any cotton knit fabric to compare to.

More updates to follow

Friday, January 13, 2017

Click Delete

Just a quick post.  I have been under the weather with a terrible virus that includes coughing and coughing and coughing.  So much so that I also lost my voice. Not being able to talk for me is like having your mouth wired shut and can only drink liquids.  My mother said I was born talking!

I have almost completed my sweater duster. I needed to reduce the width of the shoulders so that the sleeve and shoulder would hang better on me.  I also need to take deeper side seams after basting at 5/8 and trying on for fit.

As mentioned previously I am on a pattern/fabric diet; though I did fall off the fabric diet 3 days into the new year.  But I am back on it again.

I found it was easy to resist recent pattern sales at JoAnn's and on Club BMV, though I did renew my Club subscription.  So far I have clicked delete before opening emails from Club BMV, indie pattern newsletters and just glanced right over the ads in the JoAnn's flyer/bulletin about pattern sales.

I have not broken out in a cold sweat from doing this either and have resisted going to the trash file and opening those emails!  I think I will make it to the summer.

I still want to post my end of year fabric purchases, plus my January purchase.  Post soon.

Saturday, January 07, 2017

End of year pattern haul

One of my sewing related resolutions is to not buy any more patterns.  I decided to add until July. Whether I can hold on to that will be the challenge.  I have already made a fabric purchase three days into the new year after resolving not to buy anymore and setting an end date of July also.

So without further ado here are photos of patterns purchased in December enabled by Club BMV sale or Simplicity sale on Pattern Review.

Simplicity 8348 was reviewed on Pattern Review and this is a vintage pattern I found on Etsy for $7.
I forgot these three also purchased in December.

I think I have enough patterns.  When I look at the patterns online, I feel like I am seeing the same ones just tweaked a bit here and there.  I can make those same tweaks on my patterns also.

I have gone through most all of my patterns and pulling those I know I will never truly make.  I even pulled those I have made before and know I will not use again.  Those I give to Goodwill.  I plan to sell the unused ones on Pattern Review or Ebay.

It snowed here last night and was still snowing when I got up, so today will be a great sew day.  More later.

Monday, January 02, 2017

Happy New Year and time to catch up!

I have been off for the holidays since Friday, December 23.  I have gotten a lot of rest, spent time with family and long time friends during Christmas weekend in my hometown of Danville, VA.

My DH caught the "crud" that has been going around so he ended up being home several days last week.  We both return to work tomorrow.

I completed the Renfrew top by Sewaholic using stretch velvet knit from Style Maker Fabrics. This is my fourth version of this pattern since it's release.   Here is a photo of me wearing it with my husband's niece where we celebrated Christmas afternoon/evening in Halifax, VA.
I also completed another Vogue top pattern, one I had made previously.  This too included fabric from Style Maker Fabrics.  The texture winter white (cream) knit is from them.  The solid is from Fabric Mart. Both worked well together.

The pattern is now out of print.  I made View B previously and decided to make View C.  My cowl neck does not drape like the view on the pattern envelope.  I think that the fabric is heavier and the cowl is not very wide.  I am okay with this.  I did use the cuffs from View B on the sleeves using the textured knit.
I will most likely wear this to work tomorrow or either the velvet knit top.  Both are warm and though the weather is expected to be in 50's my office always feels colder.

I have started on another project which will be my first for 2017.  I am making a sweater duster using Simplicity 8059.  I was going to make the longer version with some adjustments for my height.  I did not have enough fabric so went with the shorter version which will be longer on me as I did not adjust the length  for this view.  I am using a sweater knit fabric from EOS. This is a  heather pink/purple with black.
I have a bunch of patterns I purchased in December taking advantage of Simplicity sales on Pattern Review and Club BMV for year end.  I plan to go on a pattern diet as well as fabric diet for several months.  I did make some fabric purchases before year end and will post about these next.

I plan to sew from my pattern and fabric stash more in 2017.  More later.


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