A Glimpse NL6469

I finished my dress!  Yeah!  I just took a few photos of the dress hanging.  I will post more when I wear it.

I love this fabric and wish I had more.  It was great to sew with, no curling edges.  It is a brushed poly knit from Cali Fabrics.
What's next-trying to decide if I can find the right fabric to make another dress for the upcoming ASG Holiday party.  I also want to make some jackets.  I could use more of these in my wardrobe; I also would like to try a simple coat.  I have some great fabrics that I would love to use for a coat.  
More later.

A Quick Update

I am off from work next week!  I love to take Thanksgiving Week off.  Part of my plans are to sew as well as fix Thanksgiving dinner. 

I am currently finishing sewing the New Look swing dress.  Will review later.  I also made a change to my website.  I have added another page with my Pattern Reviews shown there, in case you want to check out a review.

Back to sewing room-later!

Loss of a sewing icon

Recently I read in ASG Notions Newsletter an article written by Nancy Zieman about her health and cancer.  It was apparent that the cancer was winning.  Yesterday, she passed away!

I did not know her personally and yet I feel I lost a good friend.  Before blogs, Instagram, ASG, etc.,Nancy was my sewing buddy/friend.  I remember when she first started Sewing With Nancy, I made a point to watch every Saturday until I bought a DVR to tape her program.  Her show, her DVD's, her books were always my helpful sewing guide and inspiration.

I purchased countless items from her website and just a week or so again I bought a few more items.

She will be missed by many.  God bless her family and thank you Nancy for sharing this sewing passion with me all these years.

S1063 in Plaid

I was able to take some photos yesterday evening after taking DH to PT.  I posted a review on PR with photos for the Plaid Contest.

Without further ado, here are pictures of the finished garment. Front and back.  The sleeves and yokes were cut on the bias.

Below is a close up of the back with less drape than my first version
On this version, the fabric is heavier weight and less drape than the first one.  I also stitched down more of the overlay piece because leaving it as the pattern calls for would have you see more of the wrong side of the fabric which is white.  I just did not think that would be attractive. I like this pattern and may make more in the future.  For now thought I have several top patterns to try next.

It's Done

I wanted to post information about my completed Simplicity top yesterday.  To many things vying for my attention.  I will take some photos this evening (hopefully) and write a review.  Time is slipping by for entering into the Plaid contest on PR.

There are some truly lovely creations in this contest.  Mine is rather simple compared to some entries.  Nonetheless, it is fun to sew with a challenge. 

I have started on the New Look dress that I cut out prior to sewing this top.  Once I complete the dress, I want to focus some time on jackets!

More later.

S1063 in progress

I have had some time to sew off and on this weekend.  The top is close to completion.
I have attached the back overlay to the back and then attached to the yoke.

The yoked back has been attached to the front bodice
I have attached the front and back facing to the neckline.  Facing is from the floral print fabric. The instructions call for sewing the sides. Then sewing the sleeves and inserting in the round.  I plan to attach the sleeves first and then sew sleeve and side seams as one.
I cut the front piece as a single layer aligning the front fold with the edge of the blueish plaid on the front and then flipped and cut out the other side.
Remaining steps are applying the sleeves, topstitching the facing and sewing side and sleeve seams.  The front bodice is hemmed and the back overlay attaches initially to the back at the hemline. The sleeves will be hemmed after sewing the side seams.  Not much more to do.  
The fabric has been fairly easy to sew, some curling on the edges.  I tried …


I finally finished cutting out the Simplicity knit top and began sewing it yesterday evening. Because it is a pattern I've used before I've had to spend minimal time referencing instructions. I also remember some things that I did with the last make that I wanted to change and to incorporate those with this make.

I also made a recent purchase from Ann Taylor website. One of the purchases was a choker neck top with flutter sleeves. It was on sale at 50% off so I took advantage of that. Part of the reason for buying it was to see how it was sewn. As you recall from a previous post I was working on a Simplicity dress, tunic and top pattern. I had real issues with the collar and facing. I have actually been stewing over how to remedy inserting an invisible zipper in the bulky area created at the facing/collar seam area. I am truly glad that I made this purchase as I found that for the front V-neck there is a facing but not a facing at the back. The collar is attached to the back b…


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