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Patterns sold and actually sewed

I sold all three of the KS patterns on the Patterns for Sale page.  Thank you everyone who enquired.  I will post more when I return from my trip to SC.

I actually did a small amount of sewing this afternoon.  I attached the ruffled neckline piece to the front neckline of the dress.  This time when I made the gathered neckline, I stitched over a piece of gimp using a zigzag stitch.  I then pulled the gimp string to gather the edge.  It worked much easier than the way I did it last time using the instructions with the pattern.

Cleaning out pattern collection

I really have way too many patterns.  Yes I am a patternaholic!  You can go to my Patterns for Sale page and see what I just posted.  It is a start and I will have more to post later. 

I have another trip coming up on Monday; I was suppose to fly out today but Irene had a different plan for me as well as a lot of others.  For those that may be in her path, take precautions and be safe.  My real reason for mentioning my upcoming trip was that if you would like to purchase any of these patterns, I will not be able to ship until Sept.2.

First come, first served.  You can email me if you are interested to lwl1951at gmail dot com.

Reading and Sewing

I love to read, particularly mysteries. I agreed when requested to read “Pleating for Mercy”, a first in a series. This mystery falls into the “Cozy Mystery” category. This is a rather new category of mystery reading for me.  I tend toward the more suspense, action and graphic depiction of a murder.  This was a nice change.

The other enjoyment of the book was that the main character is a dressmaker/seamstress/sewist that designs and sews garments. She left her hometown to live in NYC where she trained and worked for a designer of high end fashion. She has returned to her small hometown of Bliss, Texas.
In returning to Bliss, she moves into her great grandmother’s home where she reopens the Button and Bows shop. Throughout the book there are many references to designing, altering and sewing garments. If you are a sewist/seamstress, then you can easily identify.

Harlow Cassidy, the main character, is a descendent of Butch Cassidy. A murder occurs in the front yard of Button and Bows …


Like many of us we turn to fashion magazines for inspiration.  Last evening after dinner, DH and I went to Barnes and Noble for coffee and perusing magazines and books.  I acquired the new, big September Vogue issue along with Harper's Bazaar.  I also picked up a new Sew Stylish magazine.

IMHO, the fall Sew Stylish is always the better of that seasonal publication.  I always get better sewing ideas from the fall one than others.  Or perhaps because I am needing a sewing booster, this one just does it for me.

Right now there is just a lot of things going on with my life on a work and personal level that I am just needing what I call "ooze time" and for now sewing is not providing an outlet.  Yet I am continuing to design in my head; I have two dress garments in the works and yes, I just ordered some knit fabrics. 

So I will be perusing my mags and visiting your blogs to help energize my sewing mojo for later.

Where did the week go?

I just realized I have not posted anything since last Friday.  Gosh time is flying by. 

I traveled to Arlington, VA on Sunday and was there from Sunday til Tuesday afternoon.  I wish I could have stayed another day to go to GStreet.  My boss would not have appreciated that.  It was a good business meeting and I wore clothes I made both days.  I received many compliments.  I wore my Butterick 5638 dress the first day and the second day I wore my yellow eyelet Sorbetto top and McCall's skirt.  They were both perfect for the warm hot weather and the not so cool meeting rooms we were in.

Back to work on Wednesday with a long list of projects ahead of me has left me feeling tired when I get home.  I did take some time to create the ruffle piece that is to be attached to the neckline of the current Butterick dress I am working on.  So the sewing mojo is rising!!!!  Look forward to some sewing time this weekend.

More patterns, but no sewing mojo

I can't seem to get my sewing mojo going.  I did take advantage of the Club BMV sale and purchased 4 Butterick patterns.  They arrived today and kind of lit a spark but just not enough.  I am even taking a vacation day today.  But I planned the day to get all my grocery shopping done, take "stuff" to Goodwill, clean the car washed and heading for a manicure in about 30 minutes.

DH and I are visiting a family member tomorrow evening for a cookout and then I head out on Sunday for a business trip.  Sewing is just not in the cards for now.  I will be checking out what others are working on in the meanwhile for some sewing inspiration for when the sewing moment strikes.

JoAnn's Vogue $3.99 Sale

I took advantage of the Vogue pattern sale at JoAnn's this weekend. Here are the four patterns I chose that they had in my size.  Club BMV has a sale this weekend also, that I should take advantage of as there are a couple of Butterick patterns that caught my eye. 

B5638 Take 2 in Progress

As promised here are two shots of the fabric, pattern and current state of the dress in progress.

Weekend sewing updte

Yesterday evening I began making my second Butterick 5638 dress.  Having sewn this pattern before and tweaking the pattern based on previous dress experience, I seem to be moving right along.  All front pieces and back pieces have been sewn together and dress is attached at shoulders.  I basted the side seams and stopped there.  So fitting step is next.

I wanted to cut out Vogue 1250 (yes, I got to be of the many who have made this dress).  I had made some fitting adjustments to the pattern Saturday AM.  I cut out the fabric before stopping to make breakfast for DH and I this morning.

This afternoon I will resume sewing the Butterick dress working on the detail sewing--gathering the front ruffle piece and attaching; adding the front inset piece at center, back binding and inserting sleeves.  I decided not to make it sleeveless.  Once that is done, hemming is the only thing left to do.

I hope your sewing weekend has been productive.  More later with some photos.

Sorbetto to work

I wore my Sorbetto eyelet top to work today. The skirt is one I made about two summers ago. It is great when a top and skirt made separately and even years apart become a new outfit for work! This was taken with my iPhone so not the best photo in the world but you get an idea of how it looks.

Today I wore

Butterick 5638--My DH loves this dress and I do also.  I have a second one ready to sew using a cotton jacquard fabric acquired from a local quilt shop.  I plan to set up the serger and sewing machine for this. And then I am going to attempt the Vogue 1250 dress that so many people have sewn.

I have been hesitant to sew it; not sure why really.  I have read so many different reviews and now have a better idea of how to make some fitting adjustments.  I think I feel like I can make it work.



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