Like many of us we turn to fashion magazines for inspiration.  Last evening after dinner, DH and I went to Barnes and Noble for coffee and perusing magazines and books.  I acquired the new, big September Vogue issue along with Harper's Bazaar.  I also picked up a new Sew Stylish magazine.

IMHO, the fall Sew Stylish is always the better of that seasonal publication.  I always get better sewing ideas from the fall one than others.  Or perhaps because I am needing a sewing booster, this one just does it for me.

Right now there is just a lot of things going on with my life on a work and personal level that I am just needing what I call "ooze time" and for now sewing is not providing an outlet.  Yet I am continuing to design in my head; I have two dress garments in the works and yes, I just ordered some knit fabrics. 

So I will be perusing my mags and visiting your blogs to help energize my sewing mojo for later.


  1. Hope everything will be back to normal soon. Take care.

  2. It really must be this time of the year since so many of us are afflicted with the same malaise.

  3. Hang in, "this, too, shall pass." I'm trying to do the same :)

  4. I think that 'thinking time' is a very important part of sewing - even if I am not sewing I am always designing and planning in my head. Your new magazine purchases will, no doubt, give you lots of inspiration.

  5. Hang in there until the gremlins get out of your life!

  6. Sometimes we need a break from sewing. There's nothing wrong with perusing magazines~ regrouping and gaining new vision. I just picked up the Fall copy of Sew Stylish and I love it!


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