JoAnn's Vogue $3.99 Sale

I took advantage of the Vogue pattern sale at JoAnn's this weekend. Here are the four patterns I chose that they had in my size.  Club BMV has a sale this weekend also, that I should take advantage of as there are a couple of Butterick patterns that caught my eye. 
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  1. can you imagine how jealous this makes me??? (said with very big grin) Those designer vogues are $32 here (and our dollar isn't too different from yours at the moment), and the best we get is a half price sale. I check out the BMV sale, and think about paying the $15 membership but there's still a $25 postage fee. So depressing!! But you have drawn me out of lurkdom to say thanks for your lovely blog and all your sharing. One day I'll take myself to one of those Joannes sales. Thanks heaps, from Wellington New Zealand.

  2. Nice pattern selection. I think you'll love V1205.


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