Last week I wore several garments that I made earlier this year or even last month as well as one over a year ago.  The recent wears were:
 M6996.  got quite a few compliments about this jacket.  Most everyone spoke about the back peplum.  It was extremely cold the day I wore this and I wore a heavier sweater knit top (purchased years ago) with this and I stayed very warm.

I also wore this McCall's top my second one from this pattern.  This fabric was so easy to sew and though a little light weight it felt good next to the skin.

I also wore my first version of this top another day.  I posted about this top previously.

I had to attend a board meeting Thursday evening so I wore my reunion dress that day.  It wears well and not much wrinkles develop during the wearing; this is the kind of garment(s) I wear on the days that I will put in a 10-12 hours day.

I have decided to move on to making another dress or two or three as well as some skirts.  I just need to decide on what fabric and what pattern.

I need to take some photos of my new fabrics from a new to me fabric source and one I will defintely purchase from in the future.

More later.


  1. I really like the first jacket too! But I love herringbone fabric so I'm prejudiced that way.

    1. Yes herringbone truly tends to work well with lots of patterns.

  2. I love that top pattern. Easy to sew, big bang for your buck!

  3. Oh, love the M6996! I just got this pattern, such fun to see yours as I start my project. So pretty, the back really is interesting and what caught my eye.

    1. I think the back was the draw for me as well!


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