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I have finally decided what I was going to sew next; the recent drastic drop in temperatures was the motivator for my next top.

I made McCall's 6796 last year from a sweater knit fabric from EOS.

I decided to make this again as I really like the fit of it and since the fit is still good (I wore this top yesterday) this should be a quick project.

The fabric will be another sweater knit from EOS that I actually purchased before this fabric.

I purchased this in November 2013 so it has aged well.  
More updates later.


  1. Ooooh that fabric is GORGEOUS! Can't wait to see it made up!

  2. Pretty top and thanks for reminding me that I have that pattern.

  3. I have that pattern too, but sadly I have not sewn it. Love the colorway of that fabric.

  4. I think you will like the pattern. I really like how the collar lays with the sweater knit I used and the one I am making now is the same sweater knit weight.


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