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Current project

I am putting aside the G&G pattern as the drafting seems off to me.  The asymmetrical neckline pieces did not align when taping pieces together.  I was able to align it by drawing new lines.

As most of you know I do the pin fitting method for almost all of my patterns. Attempting this with this pattern was an eye-opener.  The bottom of the armhole was way too high after pinning the shoulders. I normally sew size 14-16 with the Big 4 and even most indie patterns.  I need to revaluate the drafting of this pattern as perhaps I need a size or two larger than this for this pattern line.

I decided to sew some paper patterns and will now work on Simplicity 8889

I just cut around the top pattern pieces and will pin fit them next. After reading a few reviews on PR, I will most likely lengthen the front as I want it to cover more of my abdomen. I will adjust the back as well to keep the high/low look.
The McCall's top is complete and once I press it I will take some pictures of me weari…

Projects Planned

Good news! My order from SnapSource arrived and the new snaps match those I had attached to the shirt.  My top will finally be finished!😀 I hope to take photos of the finished product later today.

Next up-I have two projects I plan to work on.

One is knit top using a pattern from George and Ginger.  I have not sewn any patterns from this company previously.  I hope to have good success with them.  The pattern I will be using is the Rave Shirt Set.

I plan to make the asymmetrical neckline.  
The fabric is a light blue lightweight sweater knit I purchased from Hobby Lobby. I think I purchased this earlier this year.

For the other project, I will be using this cotton fabric from a local quilt shop. 
I will be using the top from this Mimi G Simplicity pattern.

Thanks for stopping by.

The Shirt that almost wasn't or the pattern from hell Part 2

SEWING AND ISSUES PART 2 The next step was to insert the sleeves.  I was truly proud that I was able to cut the sleeves with matching design borders.  The first sleeve went in okay with one slight pucker and I removed some stitches and easily fixed.
The second sleeve gave me heartburn.  I could not insert that sleeve without getting puckers at the shoulder area. I cut the sleeves separately to make sure the border matched for each sleeve.  Perhaps the second sleeve was a little off. I placed the pattern on top of this and found it was cut correctly.  I removed the stitching and resewed the basting stitches to be able to create ease for the sleeve.  I then inserted again and sewed. I ended up catching some sleeve fabric in the same area thus creating another issue.  I had to remove those stitches to release some of the sleeve fabric that was not supposed to be there. In doing so, I ended up removing some of the basting creating yet another issue for appropriate insertion.  Restitched b…

The shirt that almost wasn't or the pattern from hell! Part 1

I have been working on and off this project for several months now.  I want to note that this was more my sewing block and not the pattern. However, my fitting issues required making numerous pattern adjustments that took more time to make than cutting out the fabric.
ADJUSTMENTS AND CUTTING Adjustments made were:

FSA of 5/8FBA of 1 1/2 inchesNarrow upper back adjustment of 3/8 inchesHigh round back adjustment of 5/8 inchesShortened the length by 2 inchesSwayback adjustment of 5/8 inches The adjustments were very time consuming. There are two front pieces for this view as the front is asymmetrical.  Thus two separate FBA's, two forward shoulder adjustments.  The length was shortened for both fronts and the back.  The back piece is only one piece but incorporates the asymmetrical feature for this view so that it lines up with the front pieces. I worked hard to make sure that those sides lined up with the fronts. I also had to make my usual 5/8 inch sway back adjustment.

Because the …

Almost done! And new patterns.

I finally got the collar and collar band attached.  I also inserted the sleeves as well.  Unfortunately, I have not found the right buttons for this tunic.  What's in my stash is too large or not the right color.  I did find some brass snaps that are a dark brown which may work.  I have had pretty good success with my snap on tool and snaps.

I had several issues sewing this tunic, more operator than pattern issue.  Nonetheless, if I go the snap route I hope there is no screw-up.

Here is a shot of the tunic front that is completed. I will be closing this with left over right.
The left front band will be on top as the brown small designs look nicer than the right front band. It will also tie in with the right front design layout.

I recently broke down and purchased a couple new patterns.

I fell in love with Nakisha's NL 6314 top on her blog.   I have seen a few tops of this particular view.  I have some knits that I think will work well for this top. The top on MimiG 8750 also g…

Still here, some sewing

It has been almost a month since I last posted.  I have been sewing on the same tunic top in bits of time.  I had some issues with some of the steps in the sewing of this top.

First, the front bands presented a challenge as the steps prior to attaching them have you hem the tunic before attaching.  I knew then I was not going to like this method as usually for me the front bands end up too short. You have to fiddle with the end of the front bands to sew to a point and then fold in the ends and stitch.  I cut my bands longer than the pattern which gave me more fabric to turn in. I still had to fiddle with the stopping point so everything aligned. I prefer to attach first and then hem everything.

Then there was the collar issue.  I attached using the traditional method which turned out horribly.  I then remembered the tutorial on Closet Case Patterns for attaching the collar band and collar differently. Here is a link to that method. This worked beautifully.  Pictures to post will follo…


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