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What's Going On!

I have been busy working on the Jalie Mimosa top.  There is a blog tour in progress and we have been given the go-ahead to promote the
More details to follow.  Here are photos of my work in progress, soon to be completed with details during the blog tour.  My fabric sponsor was Simply By Ti.  The print material is a rayon knit, which I love and the solid cobalt blue flounce is cotton lycra.

Below is a list of sponsors of the Jalie Blog Tour. More to share later.

January Project Plans

As usual, I have lots of ideas for sewing projects.  Most of the time I may complete one or two for a particular month.  So I have decided on three projects.  First project and already started is Jalie 3890 Mimosa Top.

This is a versatile top pattern; it has three sleeve variations.  I plan to make the long sleeve with flounce top.  I am using a print fabric that is peaking out behind the pattern as seen above.  I also have a solid blue fabric piece that I am considering for the flounce.

My second planned project is an Ellie and Mac pattern called the Undercover Hoodie.
I like the look of this hoodie and will allow me to mix and match some leftover fabrics.
My final planned project is the new Fulton Sweater Blazer. I have several medium/heavyweight fabric that I think will be perfect for this.
I have printed, taped and traced the Jalie pattern.  Next is to pin fit the traced pattern for additional adjustments.  I have reduced the length of the front and back bodice by one inch.  I mad…

M7874 OOTD

Actually, I wore the top yesterday and it passed the wearability test.  It seemed to get looser the more I wore it which is okay but I added some width to this version and perhaps I may need to take up the side seams a little.

I was running around a lot yesterday so I did not take time to set up the tripod and pose well for the photos that follow.  I just stood in front of a mirror.

The front view.  There is a lot of fabric from the waist down and I see some puckers.  Some are due to the band attachment.  The center front piece has lots of layers. The pockets are attached to the center front at the waist. The front side pieces are attached the upper center front and the pockets are flipped over and are attached to the front side pieces at the side seams.  Those side front pieces have a center portion that becomes a double layer of fabric in the center from the waist down. You stitch a line of stitching through the center front from pocket to pocket.  In the end, you have a pocket pouc…

M7874 Complete

I finally finished M7874!  The first project of 2019. In good time as well as it is going from 70 degrees F to 51 today with overnight low of 27.

I plan to do a complete review but wanted to share a glimpse of the top.

This fabric is similar to scuba knit and was a challenge to sew at times because it is thick and at times I was sewing through 6 to 8 layers of fabrics when attaching the bottom band.

I like the band treatment and did find ways to reduce some bulk but still had to sew slow.  I used a universal 18 needle for this project and stitch lengths of 3 to 4.

More details to follow.

What about 2018?

I have been busy catching up on various blogs and most everyone that I read posted collections of garments made, sewing goals met or not, as well as plans for 2019.

So! What about my 2018?

I retired February 2, 2018.  DH retired January 31; he had been out of work since October with rotator cuff surgery.  Those first few weeks following his surgery required me to take intermittent FMLA to shuffle him off to the doctor or PT as he couldn't drive.We had begun looking for a new location to move out of the mountains toward a coast.  Mountains are great to visit but living around them feels stifling to me. I know other people who feel that way and we have had endless conversations about that.  Flatland, saltwater smell, seagulls are so pleasing to me. We moved in May to North Carolina, near the coast, not right on it.  It is amazing the cost of homes on or near water.  In the end, this proved to be a better decision because we got to experience Hurricane Florence.  Thank goodness it dro…

First Project for 2019

I am making a second attempt at sewing McCall's 7874 since I ran into a serger issue with the first one.  Sewing this has been much easier and quicker since I basically made this previously.  I did add width to the sleeve biceps and added a little more to the waist/hip area also.

The fabric I am using I purchased from JoAnn's in Roanoke, VA; actually, I think this was the last fabric purchase from JA I've made.  We have no JA in the area where I live now.  Maybe someday!

This was labeled as athletic knit fabric. It is rather heavyweight and has great vertical and horizontal stretch.  It reminds me of scuba knit.  I took advantage of both sides being different colors with one side solid black and the other blue/black/purple.

I basted the side seams after sewing front to back and adding the sleeves.  The instructions have you sew them in the round, I prefer flat when working with knits.  I basted the side seams to try on for fit and was happy that with the better stretch of …


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