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Back to McCall's

I appreciate the feedback from everyone, comments were helpful. I  made some tweaks to the Lander Shorts, which improved some of the fit issues and then created additional fit issues.

This is a nice pattern, yet I don't think my body shape really works well with this pattern. The pattern is high-waisted and that is not going to work for me.  The more fit adjustments I made the bigger the waistband seem to be. It is not a contour waistband.

I was getting more and more frustrated with the project.  I was not going to give up on my quest to make a well-fitting pant/shorts and decided to give McCall's Palmer/Pletsch pant pattern (6440) a try. I decided to go back and view the Palmer/Pletsch video on pants fitting on Craftsy and found my Fit For Real People Pant Fitting book. I have had this pattern for some time and had listed it for sale on eBay, so I pulled that listing and decided to use it myself.  I have already cut around the pattern pieces and used my hip measurement as rec…

No you didn't, Yes I did!

Many of you know that my favorite process for fitting is the Palmer Pletsch Fit for Real People pin fitting method.  I have only made a few muslins in all the years (a lot) of sewing.  Many of you know that I recently posted that I have a real block when it comes to making pants or shorts.

I took the RTW Fasters 2018 Pledge which was I will not buy any RTW garments for 2018.  I have stuck to that commitment, though have been tempted several times to buy some shorts.  Soooooo- I purchased the Landers Pants and Shorts pattern from True Bias.  After printing, taping and tracing I tried pin fitting as usual and just couldn't get that to work for me.  So I decided to make a muslin, oh yes I did!

I can better see my issues by doing this but I am still having concerns about what I think I am seeing.  So dear readers, I am bravely posting some photos that DH took so I could better see what may be the issues.  I truly appreciate your feedback.  I will comment about what I see both in my ba…

Back to normalcy!

Hurricane Florence has moved on, leaving more damage and destruction elsewhere.  I consider myself very lucky as we lost some roof shingles and had two small ceiling leaks.  My neighbors on both sides had portions of their fences knocked down.

Power was restored about 4:30 PM yesterday. We had a small blackout later in the evening and power came back quickly.  Still lots of damage in other areas of our county as well as in other counties close by.

I am ready to get back to sewing.  I have measured a pair of my favorite shorts and made note of those measurements and have determined the size I should consider using for the Lander Shorts.

This AM waking up to sunshine and A/C was a blessing.  Back to my normal routine of coffee and reading pattern reviews on Pattern Review. I have several days worth to catch up on and many sewists have been busy sewing. 

Catch up with everyone later.

What to do while waiting for Florence

We made the decision to stay along with several neighbors in our area.  Cloudy this AM, but now we have wind gusts and off and on rain.  From what we are hearing, Florence has reduced from Cat 5 to Cat 2 and when hits landfall should be Cat 1.  The rains will still be intense.

To keep busy, I taped the True Bias Landers Short pattern together and began working on what size will be right for me.  I am using a pair of shorts that fit me very well, though they are not high waisted, to determine what would be the best size to try and what other crotch or back adjustments I may need.

No photos for now as all you can see is a taped pattern. Once I complete the task above then I will trace around the pattern for my correct size.  I always trace using Swedish Tracing paper and then pin fit.


Do I Stay or Do I Go

I had some great sewing plans for this week using two indie patterns for shorts and a top.  They are printed and ready for cutting and taping.  Then Florence has happened and it is anticipated that she is going to pack a wallop. So for two days DH and I have go back and forth with staying or going.  I have heard from several people that they are staying and others not.  Fortunately we made the decision to live close to the coastline, not on it. However, we keep hearing about sea surges.  We know about flooding, the month of July we had only 5 days WITHOUT rain. Still this is huge hurricane.

We have decided twice to stay and twice to go.  What we are hearing and through website views, the highways are jammed pack mostly from people coming through from South Carolina going wherever.  Hotels are booked, roads are jammed and dealing with hysterical drivers are as much of a concern as dealing with the storm itself.

I lived through one hurricane while living in Corpus Christi, TX and it was…

Wearing My Kalle Shirt Dress

Today I decided to wear my new dress.  It is really hot out and having on a dress is cooler to me than shorts; especially because it is cotton.

I wore it to Walmart and grocery store.  As I was walking down an aisle, I heard a voice say-"Oh, lady I love your shirt." I turned around to see if they were talking to me and she was.  She kept saying how cute this was and where did I get it?  I told her I made it and her comment was you did good.  That made my day.  Even before leaving the house, my DH kept saying you need to make some more like this, it is perfect for where we are now.  Twice in one day😄 with the compliments

DH took some pictures of me wearing before I left the house, were going to shoot a few outside, but way too hot for standing and posing.

I think with the cotton fabric that is does not drape as a rayon challi or silky fabric would.  I have to get use to the fullness.  I enjoyed that fullness when walking to and from my car to store.  The heat coming off t…

Finished Kalle and What's next

I completed the Kalle Shirt Dress!  This was a longer project than I thought it would be; I chose to use the directions in completing this and learned some alternative ways of sewing neckband and a placket.  I sewed the buttons on last night and while doing this in front of the TV, my DH said that is a pretty dress.  I thanked him and not sure he will have the same opinion when I wear it as it is very different style.  It works for my lifestyle now and perfect for the continued hot weather.

Here is a glimpse, hopefully will take full photos when I wear it in the near future.  I plan to do a full review at that time also.  I will make this in the tunic length as well trying the long sleeve extension pattern.

As I shared in an earlier post, my first buttonhole turned out wonky after completing three test buttonholes.  I will be sewing the button onto this through all thicknesses as I can easily pull this over my head with the last button closed.

I did not make bias tape from fabric for …

Touching base

First, I received a question from a reader about issues she was having on finding me on Ebay as I had provided information about my selling patterns there.  She could not find me when she did a search.  I found that you have to click on Advanced Search and scroll down close to the bottom and click on Seller, then click on specific seller and type in seller's Ebay name; mine is lamona7.  So if anyone else tried this and maybe did not know how to find seller (including me) that's it.

Second, I have just about finished the Kalle Shirt Dress and it has been a great sewing journey in that I learned how to do somethings different than I normally would.  I have okay with my dress but I think I would prefer to use a lighter cotton fabric than I did.  I know that I will make some additional tweaks with future makes from this pattern.  I have even purchased the long sleeve extension pattern for this fall.  Not sure how fall feels in our new location.

Third, I dread making buttonholes be…


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