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Quick Update-S1318

I got in some sewing time after work today! Rare occurrence of late at Casa Danvillegirl.

I attached the sleeves to the jacket and sewed the side seams.  I interfaced the front and neck bands, hoping to attach those but it is strange that we do have to eat dinner so had to stopped and whipped up something quick.

Here is the WIP.

I am comfortable with the sizes I chose to use for this pattern.  Hope to show the finish project soon.

Simplicity 1318

I started on this project yesterday evening and would have liked to have completed it this evening. DH and smartphones and computers are just not in sync; I always get called into to help with those crisis.

Now I am just plain too tired to finish it so I will just let you know that the fabric, the machines and me have been in sync until his crisis.  All is well for him now!!!

Here is a shot of the pattern and the fabric.

I cut a small through the shoulders and upper chest area and then increased to medium from bust to bottom. I cut the length at xxs as I was too lazy to cut the medium and then adjust the length, this took off about an inch which was what I wanted.
All edges were serge finished.  The center back and shoulders are attached; one sleeve has been sewn and there is where I ended.  I love how the "simplicity" of this pattern.  My only dislike is that there are no finished measurements printed on the pattern pieces for bust, waist or hips.  On the envelope back it o…

Tunic Wadder

I decided today that my new tunic will find a new owner when I donate this to Goodwill.

This project has not gone all that well from the beginning. The fabric is lovely but a bear to deal with.  The other issue for me with this is that I am not sure why I wanted to try this style.  I am rather full busted so gatherings around a front placket are not very attractive on me; especially when it is such a close fit.  Though I did a FBA I need more than what I adjusted.  The style looked rather like a maternity top on me when I tried it on for fitting; I should have taken a fitting earlier in the sewing process.  Not that it would have changed my mind about the style on me.

A real dislike about the pattern was the tie neck binding. The neckband was very narrow and after taking a 3/8 inch seam, I could not get the strip turned inside out.  I used to have Fasturn notion that would help with this but those got messed up years ago and I never replaced them.  I ended up damaging two strips in th…

Style Maker Fabrics

I found this site months ago while reading blogs and this was a new to me online store so of course paid it a visit.  I fell in love with this top and fabric at Style Maker Fabrics site.  I contemplated buying it several times and each time I put it in my cart I would then not make that final click to buy it.  I wanted to stay on my fabric diet.

Recently Style Maker Fabrics had a Spring Canvas Blog Tour that I learned about again from reading blogs of those who were part of the tour.  Since I had fallen off my fabric diet with two fabric purchases from The Fabric Market and I decided to take the plunge and purchase the lavender/pink/orangish fabric that I wanted to purchase since last year and purchased a textured knit that Sew Charleston posted about for the tour.

Here are the pictures of the two fabrics as promised in a previous post.

New Fabric in March

I recently decided to break my fabric diet (again) and purchased two fabrics from a new to me source.
The Fabric Market.   I had purchased the Real Simple March issue during one of my grocery shopping runs and the cover caught my eye. The cover was all about drugstore beauty buys; besides being a pattern/fabricaholic, I am just as bad about makeup.

Inside was a few articles about other things than makeup and one was about stripes being a trend to try.  I fell in love with the striped top used in the photo shoot and decided I wanted to make something similar. I saw on TFM site some lovely woven striped fabric.  So I bought these.

I plan to sew the blue/orange/white rayon fabric in the near future after I finish my current project. (If I ever do-the fabric is horrendous to work with unfortunately-though lovely)

I received this fabric quickly after ordering.  I believe they are in California and my fabric was sent priority mail.  I do plan to purchase from them again when I fall off my fa…

New Project

I began a new project today, starting with cutting out the fabric this morning.  I purchased this fabric from EOS in March 2014.  Lovely fabric, slight drape, cotton viscose. I previously washed the fabric so with a little pressing it was ready to cut.

The front yoke in the center was somewhat of a challenge to insert.  I don't like how the instructions are for this as it requires a lot of hand stitching and I avoid that as much as possible.  So I did my own thing.  I still think there is a better way to do this with a nicer look on the inside, better than what I achieve with machine.

Here is where I left the project earlier this evening.
I hope your weekend has allowed for some sewing time.  As always more updates to follow.


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