New Fabric in March

I recently decided to break my fabric diet (again) and purchased two fabrics from a new to me source.
The Fabric Market.   I had purchased the Real Simple March issue during one of my grocery shopping runs and the cover caught my eye. The cover was all about drugstore beauty buys; besides being a pattern/fabricaholic, I am just as bad about makeup.

Inside was a few articles about other things than makeup and one was about stripes being a trend to try.  I fell in love with the striped top used in the photo shoot and decided I wanted to make something similar. I saw on TFM site some lovely woven striped fabric.  So I bought these.

I plan to sew the blue/orange/white rayon fabric in the near future after I finish my current project. (If I ever do-the fabric is horrendous to work with unfortunately-though lovely)

I received this fabric quickly after ordering.  I believe they are in California and my fabric was sent priority mail.  I do plan to purchase from them again when I fall off my fabric diet again.  While off the diet I also purchased from Stylemaker Fabrics and need to take pictures to show you the lovely fabrics I acquired.  More later-----


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