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Stretching the material

Vogue 8742 is complete and I plan to wear it to work next week.  Until then here are views of the dress hanging

.I used my coverstitch machine to complete the hems.

I was fortunate to have enough of this fabric to use for to make a top using one of my new Butterick patterns. I making View C, shown on the model.
After seeing a review of the pattern on PR I knew I had to have this in my collection.  Since the serger, coverstitch and sewing machines were threaded for this fabric, I pin fitted the pattern yesterday and cut out the fabric this morning.  I have already started sewing the top and the back pieces are sewn and basted together.

Here is a view of the lavender cotton lace fabric with medium gray cotton fabric beneath.  Once the top is completed I am reviving the lace overlay skirt.

Patterns and Fabric

My patterns arrived from Pattern Review.  I also ordered some batiste fabric from which arrived yesterday.

The fabric is for the lining for the lavender gray cotton lace fabric that was going to be culottes which then became a pencil skirt.  I ordered three shades of gray-silver, ash and medium gray.  The medium gray proved to be the best lining color for the lace fabric.  I am happy to be able to revive this skirt.

I finished all the hemming with the Vogue dress and will provide photos soon.

More later.

It is a dress!

Vogue 8742 is almost complete.  It is to me except for the hemming of the dress, the sleeves are hemmed.

Here are some views of the dress in progress before sewing the side seams together.

I used the shorten-lengthen line on the sleeve pattern to cut the sleeves shorter.  In the end I cut off another 1.5 inches and hemmed them at 1 inch using my coverstitch machine.

I found with this knit fabric that it stretches more lengthwise than the previous other two dresses I made, though similar to the second dress,  This did require my making a few changes in the shoulder seams and the upper back seams both in the side back and center back seams.

I am pleased with the outcome.  This may be my last dress from this pattern. I think three may be enough.

A little sewing

I have made progress on my dress.  I like the color blocking with solid and print fabric.  The shoulders are sewn and the sides are basted for fit before I attach the sleeves.  I started to just sew it up since I have made this twice now; yet each knit fabric behaves differently so I want to be sure that this knit does not need extra attention to get the proper fit.

Work consumed a lot of my time last week thus leaving me pretty much to tired to do much of anything. One day I put in 10 hours and by the time I got home I just was too tired to eat much less do anything but zone out and then sleep.  This week is more normal and have sewn in bits of time.

I will have enough fabric left over from both of these fabrics for a top.  I ordered some patterns from Pattern Review, mostly Butterick, as they were $2.99 on sale.  However I received a notice from Deepika that there was a ordering mistake and not all patterns were shipped to meet all the orders.  So I must wait for these.

It is not li…

The Next Winner is

I heard from Ruta the second winner of V8529 who has the use of the pattern from a friend.  Thank you Ruta for your prompt response.  So the next random winner of the three remaining individuals interested in this pattern is Yomzy! at Sewing Yomzy.

Please contact me at lwl1951 at gmail dot com and provide me your address so I can send this pattern to you!


One of the pattern recipients has not responded to my second email about the pattern they won.  The deadline has come and gone for the person to respond.  So I ran a another random drawing and the winner of this pattern Vogue 8529

is Ruta!
Please contact me at lwl1951 at gmail dot com providing me with your address so I can mail the pattern to you!.

June Garment of the Month

Sewing finally began today after last weekend's decision to postpone making a cotton lace overlay skirt.  I decided to use this fabric from EOS to make a dress.
I decided to make my TNT Vogue dress pattern instead of the Butterick pattern I posted about previously.

Because I have made this previously I decided to go with this as all I had to do was cut out the fabric.  I was looking for immediate gratification sewing and this fit the bill.  I used the print fabric for the center front and center back pieces, as well as for the sleeves.  I shortened the sleeves to elbow length.  
So the pattern is cut out and machines ready to sew.  
Because we had plans to visit some friends at Smith Mountain Lake today, sewing was put aside until tomorrow.  We had great food and fellowship with long time friends and a beach trip planned soon.
Updates later.

Putting skirt on hold

I so wish I lived near a better fabric store.  I found zilch at JoAnn's; no surprise there.  I have visited other JoAnn's that have better quality fabrics; the local one leaves a lot to be desired.

For now I am putting aside my skirt project and moving on to the next project.  I know I have made the right decision about the lining for the skirt.  My inner voice which I chose to listen to for once was screaming don't do this.

For my next project  I plan to use these two knits from EOS purchased in March.  Both are washed and ready to go.

As to what I plan to make, I think I may try a new Butterick pattern recently purchased. B6166 I plan to make View B, and add sleeves just shorter than the ones on View C.  Should I change my mind then I plan to make a dress from a TNT Vogue knit dress pattern. V8742
This was my second version of the pattern and the fabric was a slinky knit I bought at a ASG National Conference in DC back in the early 2000's. I would use the floral prin…

Quick Post and off to the Y

Just wanted to post that all patterns have been sent except for one.  Waiting for mailing address.  I hope everyone enjoys their patterns.  I plan another giveaway soon, so keep checking back.

I have hit a  sewing mojo block again.  I have a lovely cotton lace skirt cut out with lovely coordinating lining and came to the realization that I really need a cotton lining as the lace skirt needs more body to support it for the style skirt I cut out.  Hopefully JoAnn's  has what I need and will pay a visit today to see.

I have a tendency toward OCD when it comes to sewing projects and just did not want to start another project until this was complete.  I may have to just move on with something else until I can get the right lining.  I have so many patterns in my line up and fabric as well.

Off to the Y to exercise and make my doctor happy.  My cholestrol is to high again, yet not enough to warrant medication.  I somewhat disagree but with exercise I can and have gotten it down before. G…

Pattern Giveaway Winners!

I am happy to report the winners of the pattern giveaway.  I created a spreadsheet listing the pattern #'s in a separate column and then posted name and noted the individual's specified pattern in that pattern column. I totaled the number for each pattern column and then used a random number generator using a web site called Math Goodies to select randomly. Butterick 4978 proved to be the most popular pattern desired.  So without further ado the winners are listed below.

Winners are:

Butterick 4978-KATY M
Butterick  5677-Mievine
McCall's 6512-Mievine
Vogue 1197-Nursebennett
Vogue 1291-Nursebennett
Vogue 2945-Dk'sWife
Vogue 8529-"Elle.R"

Please send me an email to lwl1951 at gmail dot com with your address so that I can mail your pattern(s) this week.    Thank you for participating in the giveaway.

I have completed some more pattern stash cleaning and will be doing another giveaway later this month.

Thank you sewist for participating and hope you enjoy your pattern(s)…


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