Stretching the material

Vogue 8742 is complete and I plan to wear it to work next week.  Until then here are views of the dress hanging
Back view

Front view.
.I used my coverstitch machine to complete the hems.

I was fortunate to have enough of this fabric to use for to make a top using one of my new Butterick patterns. I making View C, shown on the model.
After seeing a review of the pattern on PR I knew I had to have this in my collection.  Since the serger, coverstitch and sewing machines were threaded for this fabric, I pin fitted the pattern yesterday and cut out the fabric this morning.  I have already started sewing the top and the back pieces are sewn and basted together.

Back view on cutting table

Back view pinned on Alma Marie
Here is a view of the lavender cotton lace fabric with medium gray cotton fabric beneath.  Once the top is completed I am reviving the lace overlay skirt.


  1. Lovely dress and love the use of the remnant for a blouse. That lace and grey underlay is looking good.

  2. Great use of the fabric to include the top as well. I also am a fan of this pattern, but haven't purchased it.

    1. Thanks. I am glad I used up almost all of the fabric.


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