Putting skirt on hold

I so wish I lived near a better fabric store.  I found zilch at JoAnn's; no surprise there.  I have visited other JoAnn's that have better quality fabrics; the local one leaves a lot to be desired.

For now I am putting aside my skirt project and moving on to the next project.  I know I have made the right decision about the lining for the skirt.  My inner voice which I chose to listen to for once was screaming don't do this.

For my next project  I plan to use these two knits from EOS purchased in March.  Both are washed and ready to go.

As to what I plan to make, I think I may try a new Butterick pattern recently purchased.
I plan to make View B, and add sleeves just shorter than the ones on View C.  Should I change my mind then I plan to make a dress from a TNT Vogue knit dress pattern.

This was my second version of the pattern and the fabric was a slinky knit I bought at a ASG National Conference in DC back in the early 2000's. I would use the floral print for the center front. This an OOP now and is not on the Vogue site.

I looking for an immediate gratification project and a TNT pattern would fit the bill.


  1. Very nice. Love your fabric choice. Gorgeous.

  2. Oh I bet this will be cute. I feel your pain with JoAnn's. I have more success in the clearance fabric but refuse to purchase there unless it's 50% off. I can usually NEVER find something specific when looking for it. I've had my eye on this pattern. Will be anticipating your interpretation. Happy sewing!

  3. I really want to make that Butterick pattern so I'll be watching your space!

    My JA is the same. I am really surprised sometimes at the things people find in their store...mine doesn't even warrant a peek at fabric.

    1. I so understand about JA. I buy zippers, buttons, thread and patterns from them and have on occasion purchased fabric and got lucky. Most of the time, everything is so crammed in that you can not really see what you want. If you want fleece by golly that have plenty of that though.

  4. I'm glad you listened to your inner voice and hope your project turns out well. I think you live in an out of the way place, like me. I, too, wish I lived close to lovely fabric stores where you could find nice fabric. Sounds like your JA is like our Spotlight - acres of fleece and things that serious sewers do not want.

    1. Putting it aside was the right thing to do. I am still searching for that the right lining fabric; I need a cotton or batiste fabric to give it the body it will need. So I have decided to sew another pattern, one that I have made previously so will get I hope some immediate gratification.


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