Status of sewing today

I made some progress on the dress today.  With my neck and shoulder issue, sewing is slower than molasses.  I have to take some frequent breaks.

I started sewing the back pieces first as I have some concerns with the new dart developed from the FBA I made and decided that I would tackle that later.  I am also not following the instructions for attaching the neckband and lining.  I find that the instructions for this particular pattern for lining is just way too many steps and way to much hand stitching.

I attached the back neckband to the back pieces;I then inserted an invisible zipper.  I had to restitch one side of the zipper as the neckbands did not line up correctly the first time.

The neckband was a lighter weight cotton than the cotton herringbone dress fabric.  I used two layers of the interfacing material to give it more body and bring it closer to the weight of the tangerine fabric.

I also completed the lining fabric and attached the facing neckband to the lining fabric.
The lining fabric is a tricot fabric, without stretch.

I stitched the waistline darts for the front lining piece and basted the side dart.  I stopped there for the day.  I will attach the front neckbands to front fabric and lining next.  The plan then is to test fit the lining unit after stitching front to back at shoulders and basting the side seams.  I am hoping the side dart is placed appropriately.  The tissue fitting of the pattern worked well but sometimes with fabric the dart points need tweaking.


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