Ready to cut

The Butterick dress pattern has been fitted and I'm ready to cut out the fabric today. I was so happy to get time to go into the sewing room last night. This allowed me the time to make the final tweaks. Updates later.


  1. I am making th same pattern. Please tell me if the dart hit you correctly, was it high? If so how did you move it? Did you do the lining as directed?

    1. I have not gotten to the front portion of the dress yet. I had to make a FBA and have concerns that I may need to adjust the side dart.

      I am not doing the lining as the instructions are written. Getting ready to post some photos of my progress thus far.

    2. Just an update to your previous comment. The waist/vertical dart was too high. I reduced the ending of the dart by stopping about 1 3/8 inches below the orginal upper point of the dart. That seem to help with the side dart as well.

      I posted photo today of the separate lining which I will attach at the neckline.


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