One final post for the day

I lost my mother a little over 10 years ago.  I miss her very much and so appreciative of all that she gave me over the years, especially her love.  Alzheimer's took her too soon. 

I never experienced Motherhood.  Some times I think it was a loss.  Most of the time though, I think that God had other plans for me and through my work, many of the individuals that we provide vocational training and the like to became my children over the years.

Wishing all who celebrate the day, Happy Mother's Day.


  1. It's been almost 10 years since I lost my Mother. I too miss my Mother dearly. As an educator, I have so many children even though I never birthed a child.

  2. We nurture people in many ways, whether or not we 'raise children.' Thank you for a heartfelt post, Linda. I, too, lost my mother over ten years ago--pancreatic cancer took her. She left so many beautiful memories.


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