McCall's Blouse

Yesterday, we visited my MIL and my DH's cousin in Danville yesterday. We had lunch with MIL and then did some shopping at the local mall.

Upon returning home yesterday evening, I spent time starting on the McCall's blouse, I made pretty good progress with sewing darts in the front and back, serge finishing seams. DH wanted to eat some dinner and watch a movie, so sewing ceased for the evening.

Today I have worked on the blouse some more. I have not made a blouse with a front placket in years. I decided to follow the pattern directions for this up to a point. Once you attach the placket they would have you slip stitch the folded edge over the seam where you attach that part of the placket to the blouse. I always have an issue with this and do not understand why they do not have you stitch in the ditch to secure this. Industrial sewing does not slip stitch. So I stitched in the ditch to secure; much better than any slip stitches I would do.

The blouse base, as I call it, is complete. Next I will attach the collar stand and collar. Attaching stands and collars are again something I have not done in several years.

The fabric I am using is a cotton/lycra from Les Fabrique. It is great to sew on.

More to share later.


  1. I don't know what the deal is with pattern instructions. When I start a pattern, I'll sit down with the instruction sheet and a good sewing book, like Claire Schaeffer's "Sewing Shortcuts". I read the directions,and if I don't know a better way to do something, then I go to the book and see if there isn't a better, more professional way to do different steps.

  2. Don't know if you have any Louise Cutting patterns, but I love her instructions for plackets and collars with collar stands. I pull out her instructions for any pattern with those. You might check them out if you ever get a chance.


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