Thank goodness it is Friday. Since my vaca day on Monday, I have not been able to do anything in my sewing room. I will thread serger and sewing machine tonight or die trying so that I can start on the McCall's blouse. Once that is complete, I plan to get a jump on my fall sewing.

I purchased three more patterns that arrived yesterday. I must stop buying patterns. I no longer have anymore drawer space for patterns. I need to cull some and try to get rid of them. I listed a few on PR and will probably try eBay again. I have already donated many to Goodwill.

I am anxiously awaiting the release of the fall fashion mags to get some more garment ideas. I got my Lucky magazine last week. I have previewed some of their fall line up. I am loving the 40's look.


  1. Hi Linda!
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Ditto about the 40's and buying patterns. My stash is truly out of control. I also recently found out about Lady Boutique, a Japanese sewing magazine for ladies in -ah hem - our age group :-) Despite not reading a stitch of Japanese, I love the modest (yet not dated or matronly looking) clothing so I am trying to teach myself enough about pattern drafting to follow along with the diagrams.

  2. I love the 40's styles too. I hope you are able to get some sewing done this weekend. I am trying to finish up a jacket, and will start on the skirt and complimentary blouse soon. Hoping to get all this done by the end of August so I can also focus on autumn sewing!


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