Back to work

Well yesterday proved to be such a great vacation day. I completed the Simplicity top to wear with the McCall's skirt. I was able to also cut out this McCall's blouse pattern. I am going to make View A with View D sleeves.

My original thought that this would be an overblouse to wear over the aqua top. I am not sure that this will work or not as the Simplicity top is really rather full in the shoulder area. The sleeves are dropped sleeves and there are pleats in the front at the shoulder and gathers at the back. However, I think that the blouse will work on its own. We will see.

The fabric is similar in weight to the skirt fabric and it does have some stretch. To my way of thinking, I feel like the weight of the fabric makes it more of a jacket style than blouse. Yet I was drawn to this pattern for this fabric. We will see. As Carolyn-Diary of a Sewing Fanatic-says sewing is a journey.

So I am able to face the day and return to work today having accomplished my sewing goals for yesterday.


  1. All good things come to an end! Honestly, I got more things done when I had a job than I do now, being at home.


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